Chapter 28: I'll End Up Betraying Them

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"I'm getting a bit nervous..."

"Me too, Yukari."

Today is the day of the first Chunin exam. Yukari's team, Gaara's team. and mine decided to all head to the location together. We didn't run into Mari's team, which I'm really not complaining about.

"It shouldn't be too hard."

Temari's always so calm about things. I can't help but admire her. The three of us are walking ahead while the guys are following close behind. It's been so long since I felt so happy, surrounded by all of my friends. I glance behind me and find Yuto making conversation with Gaara. Gaara's doesn't seem like he's too uncomfortable. I smile at the scene. Seeing Gaara make new friends without my help makes me both really happy and a bit lonely. I know I shouldn't think like that, though, so I shrug off the feeling.

"This should be it."

Temari points at a building in front of us.

"That's their Academy? It's so much bigger than the one we have in Suna."

I exclaim, a bit too loudly. Some people passing by give us strange looks, but I still can't contain my admiration. Yukari giggles and Temari sighs. We then all head inside the building.

As soon as we go up the stairs to the third floor, Yukari stops us.

"Everyone wait... Something feels off."

We all look at her with puzzled looks. No one other than her seems to notice anything. Even I have no clue what she's talking about. Some contestants pass by us, while others decide to wait and see what Yukari's going on about.

"Genjutsu. Someone is trying to trick us."


Maru asks, probably a bit skeptical of what Yukari's saying. Ikki comes up next to Yukari.

"If... Yukari says that... it is Genjutsu... then it is."

Yukari smiles and blushes a bit. I'll have to talk to her about that. I'm sure something is going on with her and Ikki.

"Alright, I'll need to release the genjutsu."

Yukari, regaining her focus, puts her hands together to focus her chakra.


She then touches each one of us to also release us from the jutsu. The sign that said third floor then changes to second floor.

"So it was Genjutsu!"

Maru seems surprised. I am too. Yukari's gotten much stronger than before. It seems like she's gotten much more affinity towards Genjutsu. I'm sure she'll only keep getting better and better.

"You shouldn't underestimate my teammate."

Yuto teases Maru. Ikki, Yukari, and Yuto seem to get along well. I wish the same could be said about my team. Maru and Koji always disagree about something. They're still better than being on the same team as Mari.

We reach the third floor where the first exam is supposed to be held. We're one of the first people there. Most of them are probably stuck in the Genjutsu. At the entrance of the classroom where our test is held, a Konoha shinobi is standing there, checking the exam passes that all examinees should have. For the moment, we enter the empty classroom.

A few people then start coming in. They all try to sit as far apart from other contestants, until we're just too many in the room for that to happen. Finally, a few Konoha shinobi come in. I look around me. Everyone looks so tense and unfriendly. Everyone except the younger Konoha ninja at the front.

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