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My future was reck in just one night


hi my name Zarian Dixon am an 16 years old carribean princess lol well that's what my parents call me. My mother is jamaican and my father Canadian. I've recently moved to America from Canada few days ago because my father got a job here as an truck driver. Well my mom isn't working at the moment. the few days I've been here I went job hunting because we really need the money and I got a job at an cafe.

I applied for Yale, Harvard and standford and I was accepted by all because of my incredibly academics but am going to Harvard as soon as I graduate. My parents have already saved up my college funds so I know am going to college. parties and boys arent my thing my studies come first so Welcome to my world! 😘😊

Today is my first day at my new school Greens Hill high (made up ). I got up took a hot shower, brushed my teeth, did my hygiene then got dressed in my white jeans and pink top and white flats. I grabbed my bag pack and my phone then jogged downstairs. I walked in the kitchen an mom was sitting around the table sipping on her coffee while looking through the newspaper am guessing looking for a job.

" mom no breakfast " I said Looking around in the kitchen

" nothing's here sweetie want tea? " she asked

" no am good I'll just grab an apple " I said as I grab an apple and left

" okay have a great day at school " she shouted

" thanks ma " I shouted as I walked out the door

I eat my apple as I waited on the bus. The bus came and I got in. As I walked in Everyone stares at me. I saw an empty seat beside a guy that looks like he was wearing make up oh wait damn the purse he was rocking tho. way in the back so I asked him if I could sit he nodded so I sat down.

" so you new " he asked looking at me up then down

" yeah "

" okay niceeee , cute shoe I love em " he said smiling as he check out my shoes

" thanks "

" am shayandre but you can call me shay shay " he said with attitude

" okay Shay shay nice name Am zarian but you can call me princess " I said laughing

" haha princess naah how about prin or zarii " he said laughing

" I like zarii" I said smiling

" okay good so where you from boo " He asked

" born in Jamaica but grow up in Canada " I said

" oh Kl" he said

" yeah " I said. After 2 minutes of silence.

" you want me to show you around when we get to school " he asked

" yeah no problem " he said

" so you gay bi straight " he asked

" am straight I guess am a virgin tho " I said

Then I heard some girls laughed out behind me.

" what's so funny " Shay shay said getting up and looking at them.

" nothing hoe " one of the girls said

" like your mama bitch " Shay said then sat back down

" thanks "

" no problem girll. Am gay an am - " he said out loud with an attitude but was cut off by Everyone shouting " PROUD "

" yeah yeah we all know girl " a girl infront of us said playfully laughing. I laughed.

" oh yeah thats my girl ti ti your next friend " he said smiling .

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