The days of substitue hell

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Monday, November 28, 2011

Dear loyal fans,

I’m so sorry that I haven’t uploaded in so long! I just decided that Friday was just lying around my house because we had gone shopping at midnight the night before. WoW! What a night that was! So many lines!! And then I didn’t do anything on Saturday or Sunday except go see a movie. I went to see tower heist. I was pretty funny actually, I was slightly doubting it in the beginning but it turned out quite well. Ahhh Ferris how you have changed.  (Hopefully you get that…)

So today was the dreadful Monday on which I had to return to school, no my favorite teacher isn’t out on maternity leave yet…but it’s going to happen soon. I don’t think ELA or History will be the same with her gone for a couple months. Why doesn’t it only take 3 days in real life like it does on sims!? I’m pretty sure that would make things quick and easier…? I don’t know really, I’ve never had kids before. But you have to admit, it would make everything quicker. You could just get it over with in a weekend! Okay, enough with that. So it was dreadful Monday, and for some reason we were in groups? Of course I’m the outcast and have no clue where to sit, so I sit at the group closest to the door, because I pretty much come in late every day (x.x I walk, give me some slack). So I walked in, and me being the girl that has absolutely no use of make-up or hair stuff, I sit across from someone who I’m assuming ‘cares’ about all that stuff, and she looks at me and says “Damn (place name here), looking a little ratchety today…”

Ummm, I’m sorry. What? I don’t think it’s any of her business what I do with my hair in the morning, and excuse me, I like to sleep. Suck it. So, I’m the occasional night owl (lie. I stay up all night o.o), but in the morning, I’m a Thor tornado. Especially on Mondays after being out of school for a week. I’ll actually brush my hair and what not, but I don’t wake up early on Mondays (or any day for that matter..) just to look good for all these people at school. It’s not like it’s going to make any difference to them. I braided my hair for school and almost everyone crapped themselves… It wasn’t even the first time I had come to school with it braided..

 These people (classmates..) just creep me out sometimes. I never know how to stay away from them. I’m more of the loner type; I’m pretty much nice to everyone. I consider everyone a friend, but I kind of shy away from most. I mean yeah I consider them all friends, but I don’t really trust them that much. I guess that kind of makes me a crappy friend ( :x), but whatever. If you keep your space and are nice to me, I’ll most likely be nice to you and trust you more. But if you are someone like Colin, who comes and stands next to me just to fart, don’t expect for me to bow and kiss your feet.

So I’ve been fooling around on my piano lately, and I have found out that I can play a lot of Christmas music by ear ( :D) of course most of them suck because I can never remember the notes…(damn ADD) But I still think that is pretty darn cool. So far I’ve gotten most of Oh come all ye faithful, Rudolf the red-nosed reindeer, and a little of Oh Christmas tree. I call that an accomplishment.

So I told Jonah about me liking him, then he asked me for a thong picture. I don’t know what’s worse… The fact that that didn’t bother me at all or the fact that that was his reaction….

  So I’ve decided I’m going to try to be in some plays, after sending in a resume for a movie and not getting any response at all, I thought, why not see if you can get a spot in a play? So I am going to try to be in a summer musical guys! I know it’s a little far-fetched, but I’m still super excited.

So I found out this year we don’t get out of school till the 23rd of December for the Christmas holiday… I guess I shouldn’t complain, but that kind of sucks. Who wants to go to school the day before Christmas Eve? I guess that’s better than going on Christmas though..

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