Larry Starts It

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Laurent POV
Me and my brother are in our hotel room for the day. Larry has been acting weird since this morning. He fixed me breakfast and watched me eat. I asked him what he was looking at and he said me. Then he asked me what I was going to do about it. I told him to stop being crazy and continued to finish my food. I went to take a shower and forgot to lock the bathroom door. Larry barged in and peed and flushed the toilet. The water went to cold. I shouted and jumped out of the tub. Larry laughed as I went over to him and punched him in his arm. He looked all up and down my naked body.

"Didn't mean to ruin your jerk off session, bro." Larry teased.

"I wasn't jerking off." I snapped as I realized that I had grown hard from the cold.

"Yeah, sure." He responded not believing me.

"Thanks to you now I do have to jerk off." I said rolling my eyes at him.

I turned to get back in the tub and Larry smacked my butt. I turned to look at him.

"Since it's my fault I'll jerk you off." He said starting to undress.

I opened my mouth to respond but he cut me of by telling me to get in the tub. I got in and he joined in with me. I stood with my back to him and his hands trailed down my sides and over to my front. He grabbed me by my waist and pulled my back to his front. I felt that he was hard too. He wrapped a hand around my dick and the other hand played with my balls. I moaned at the first stroke and felt Larry shiver from the sound of it. He grinded against my butt and dropped his head into my neck. He grinded three times before he gave into his pleasure and moaned. Then he turned me around to face him. Then we switched places and I ended up with my back against the wall. He began jerking me again with expertise this time and I moaned louder. He then let me go and grinded his dick against mine and we groaned in unison. He grinded and stroked at the same time. And I cursed in pleasure.
Then he tore away from me, barely managing to cut off the water, and dragged me out of the tub and into the room. He pushed me onto the bed and straddled me and grinded our erections together. He groaned in ecstasy while I moaned. I bucked my hips for more friction and we began to move together.

"Fuck yeah, Lau!" Larry cried as he bucked his hips faster, causing me to automatically do the same.

Pleasure coursed through my whole body and I groaned. "Oh, shit!"

Larry began to run his hands all over my muscular arms, my broad chest, and abs. Then he reached back up and began to play with my nipples.

"Oh fuck!" I moaned as I began to buck my hips at an even faster pace.

Larry threw his head back and groaned as he tried to keep up with my pace. A sheen of sweat added to the water that was on our bodies and it made Larry look as if he was glistening. He was so beautiful in that moment. His head thrown back in pleasure, his body using my body to gain pleasure. It intensified my pleasure even more causing my moans to become more frequent and higher pitched. Larry looked back down at me.

"Lau, I'm gonna come." His voice sounded strange. It was deeper and huskier.

I felt that familiar tightness start to coil in my stomach. "Oh shit me too!" I groaned.

We began to lose rhythm as we both started bucking erratically, chasing our release. Our cocks grinded and slid together perfectly with each thrust of our hips. My back began to arch off of the bed of its own accord at the pleasure that I was receiving. It also turned me on so much more to know that I was pleasing Larry too.

"Ah!" Larry suddenly screamed as his orgasm overtook him. The blissed out look on his face and the sinuous roll of his hips as he came is what threw me over the edge, sending me into an intense orgasm.

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