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Niall sat on Perrie's lap and watched as Sabrina and Ashton had their first footie practice. He saw his dads clap and cheer them on as his aunt Jade did the same. Liam and Zayn had gone home right before the practice claiming they couldn't leave their new puppy, Loki, alone for too long.

"Everything alright love? You haven't said anything since we got here." Perrie signed to Niall.

"Why can't I play footie? I'm deaf not paralyzed." Perrie looked over at Jade for help because she honestly didn't have an answer. She agreed with Niall but apparently when Harry and Louis went to sign him up as well the officials said he couldn't play because he was deaf.

"Honey...I think they're afraid that you might be facing away from the ball and it could hit you because no one could warn you." Jade tried but Niall just huffed as tears formed in his eyes, he hated being so emotional. Ashton almost never cried.

"Why would I face away from the ball? They just don't want to take the extra time to coach me, I'm a burden I'm well aware of that." He told Jade as tears finally rolled down his cheeks. Considering his age, Niall had a pretty extensive vocabulary and sense of understanding. Because he couldn't watch the telly, which Ashton loved doing, he spent all his time reading. He learned to read at 18 months. While Ashton was watching Peppa Pig, Go Diego Go, and Sesame Street Niall was reading James and the Giant Peach, Bridge to Terabithia, and his personal favourite Matilda. He related to her more than he could imagine, sure he wasn't neglected by his parents but in a sense he was already put at a disadvantage with the rest of the world. He also hated that he barely had a relationship with his brother who basically didn't know sign language. Also, it's not like his dads could focus only on him twenty four seven so that's why he turned to books. They're always there for him and they've never let him down.

Niall was quiet the rest of the practice and when they went out to eat after, he sat in between Harry and Louis.

"Don't you want to sit on the end of the table near Ash and Sabrina?" Louis asked.

And be ignored and left out? No thank you. He thought but that's not what he relayed back to Louis. "I want to sit by you and Daddy."

"Alright baby, well what do you want to eat?"

"Can I have a burger and chips?"

"Sure love, did you want to colour on the menu they gave you?" Niall nodded so Louis opened the pack of colours and handed them to him so he could occupy himself until the food came.

It was around eight p.m. when they finally got home. Louis undressed both boys while Harry ran a bath for them. Louis then took them into the loo and placed them in the toy filled tub.

"Papa I wan' watch Peppa Pig after." Ashton said out of nowhere.

"Sign what you say remember." He signed as he spoke the words as well. Ashton huffed as he tried to remember what he was taught.

"Pig telly" Harry and Louis couldn't help but laugh at that. It was pretty cute.

"Alright baby you can watch it. How about you Ni Ni? We can put the subtitles on." Harry offered.

"No thanks, kinda defeats the purpose of telly. Can you read to me instead Daddy?" Harry smiled and nodded as he and Louis continued to wash the boys.

Later that night and the boys were finally getting ready for bed. Ashton had watched two episodes of Peppa Pig with Louis while Harry had gotten through ten chapters of The BFG with Niall.

"Alright boys ready for bed?" Louis signed as he spoke. Both Ashton and Niall nodded their heads.

"Goodnight Daddy and Papa, I love you." Niall signed as Ashton said pretty much the same thing out loud. Louis and Harry tucked them in before turning off the lights and leaving. Ashton fell asleep within minutes but Niall continued to lay awake. Eventually he got up and carefully slid into bed next to Ashton. He faced him and even though it was dark in the room he could still make out his sleeping features.

"Goodnight Ash, I wish we played together more. You're my brother and I love you...I just wish you felt the same way." Niall signed before snuggling closer and finally closing his eyes.

I'm making myself cry dammit, poor Niall I feel bad for him. :'(

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