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Here's the fourth part!!!

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You people are lucky! My winter vacation was supposed to end today so I didn't think I would get enough time to write the fourth part.....but my school got cancelled because of bad weather (Yeah!!!) And it's supposed to be as bad tomorrow as it is today so school's probably going to be cancelled tomorrow too!

Yeah for extended winter vacation!!!!! =D

Me and Ashley slowly walked into the room with are heels clicking on the hardwood floor. I glanced around. It wasn't all that much, just a small table with chairs surrounding it and a few computers scattered here and there.

"Hello, Shadow Fox and Night Owl I'm assuming?" A voice said

I turned my head to look; a guy wearing a suite surrounded on all sides by secret service guys was standing next to one of the computers with a fake smile plastered on his face.

"Yes....President Erikson?"

"Yes, that would be me" He said in a mildly tight voice extending his hand.

I kind of felt a little bit like I was a dog offering it's paw from some of the looks I was getting from the secret service guys, which actually I might as well be by the way President Erikson only briefly brushed his fingers over mine and quickly retracted his hand.

Well apparently Monica isn't the only one that doesn't believe we can take down O'Neil.

Ash and I glanced at each other then walked over to where Noah was waving us over.

" the invitation." He said hitting a few buttons.

I raised an eyebrow as the invitation popped up on screen. "That's the invitation?" I asked.


"Well...nothing it's juts that's it's so....normal"

"Normal? What were you expecting?" Noah asked.

"I don't know...a little more 'crazy person' kind of thing I guess."


This is what the invitation looks like


"Well than sorry to disappoint you, anyways simply type in a fake name on them and then print them out."

"Uh...okay want to go first Night Owl?"

Ash shrugged. "Sure why not."

While I stood there and waited for her to finish typing I looked at President Erikson.

"So....we met Jonathon...." I started to say.

"Don't mention him! You would think that at twenty two the boy would have enough sense than to walk around like he just rose from a grave! I'm just glad that out of everything I tell him the on thing he chooses to listen to is not to be seen around me or is mother!"

" mean you tell him not to be seen in any pictures with you and stuff like that?" I asked trying to hide my shock.

"Of course do you know how much it would hinder my campaign for re-election if paparazzi snapped a photo of him dressed like that?"

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