the honeymoon hotel

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We went in the hotel. The hotel was huge. I looked at outside of he window. The sun was setting in Paris. Suddenly, I felt somebody hugging me from behind. I turned around finding Ryan smiling. I was standing near a sofa. He pushed me on the sofa slowly and leaned near me. My heart started to race. He leaned near my ear and said, "we are in our honeymoon."

"Yes," I said. I could feel him leaning more close to me.

"Today is our wedding night," he said as he put his hand on my waist.

"Um . . ." I didn't know what to tell him. To be honest, I don't even know how to make love and Ryan was driving me crazy.

"I will make love to you," he said as he licked my earlobe.

"Hm . . ." Goodness, he is so sexy.

"I will kiss you everywhere and mark you as mine," he said as he sacked my earlobe.

"Mmm . . ." I suddenly moaned with pleasure. Oh goodness!

"Wow!" He said as he pulled away and titled my chin. "You are so sensitive," he said as he kissed my cheeks. "If only kissing your earlobe makes you moaned then I wonder how you are going act on our love making session."

Suddenly, the door bell rang which ruined our romantic moment. Thank goodness that he got distracted. Or else I don't know what would have I had done if he did anything romantic. Ryan seamed mad but he went near the door and opened it, "what?"

"Sir, your dinner is ready on the hotel's resturant," a room service said.

"Okay!" He said as he shut the door on his face.

"That's rude!" I said to Ryan. "You should not act like that to him!"

"He interfered when we had a romantic mood," he said.

"But, that doesn't mean that you will be so rude to him?" I said.

"Be like me and then tell me those things," he said.

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"I have been waiting to make love to you for a long time and whoenever we get closer somebody would always bug us," he said in anger.

Oh goodness! He is so mad. I went near him and held his hand, "we are tired. We should eat food. Let's eat your favourite today. What say?"

He didn't talk and went to change his dress. He is still mad.

"Hey, how about we feed each other?" I asked.

Ryan looked st me and smiled. "Are you serious! That's good."

"Okay, lets eat," I said.

After a while, we went downstairs at the resturant and ate food. The food was very delicious. After we ate food, we went to our room. It was night in Paris. I went in the washroom to change into comfortable dress. I opened my suitcase finding that they were not a single proper dresses. All the dresses were lingerie. This must be Cassie's plan.

Ryan knocked at the washroom room and said, "Alexa, Cassie choose those dresses, I don't know what type of party dresses that are but she told me that I will like to see you on those dresses. So can you please change into those dresses?"

Crap! How could I wear these dresses? All of them are transparent. What should I do? I looked through all the lingerie and saw that there was a lingerie that was a little bit less transparent and sexy than others. Let's wear this lingerie, I thought as I changed onto that lingerie. I looked myself in the mirror and darn! This lingerie is too transparent. The picture of the lingerie is at below.

What will happen if Ryan doesn't like me anymore after seeing me in this lingerie? I don't even have those nice curvey boobs

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What will happen if Ryan doesn't like me anymore after seeing me in this lingerie? I don't even have those nice curvey boobs. What will happen if he wants to break off with me?

I heard knock on the door. "Alexa, are you okay? You have been in the washroom for a while now," he said in concern.

"I am okay," I said.

"Why do you sound tense? Do you want me to come in the washroom?" He asked.


"Okay but come out form the washroom, Alexa. I want to see how sexy you look," he said.

I looked at myself again. What will happen if he doesn't find me any attractive anymore? I thought as I sat on the floor. If doesn't love me anymore then what will happen? I can't risk our relationship. What should I do? If he doesn't get impress by me then . . . ? Tears were running on my yes. I never become this conscious about my body image but for some reason, I want to look beautiful for Ryan. I want him to love me.

"Alexa, what happened? Why are you crying?" He asked from the outside of the washroom.

"No, na . . . Nothing," I said as I felt like crying more.

Suddenly, I saw the door cracked open and Ryan was standing there, holding a key. I stood up and looked at him. Ryan looked at me for a while without breaking a contact.

"Can't you not look? I know I look ugly, okay? I didn't even wanted to wear this lingerie but Cassie packed it on he suitcase and I don't even have any proper dress!" I cried.

I felt Ryan came towards me and pushed me on the wall. "Are you stupid or what? You were crying because you thought that you look ugly? Do you even look at yourself properly? You look so damn sexy, you idiot!" He yelled as he made me looked at him. His eyes were filled with lust and love. He put his hand on my wait and whipped my tears with his other hand and leaned closer to my lips. "You look beautiful, silly," he said as he crashed his lips on mine.

I put my hands on his neck.

He broke the kiss and scooped me on his arms and leaned near my ears and said, "should we make love?"

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