Harry's POV

I was sweating, a thick lump grew in my throat. I felt that my conscience was punishing me for doing this. But when did I ever have a conscience? I had never felt guilty for sleeping with anyone... until now. I sat on the edge of the bed in Kaylee's freshly furnished apartment room where the girliest scent floated about, but my mind was too occupied to pay attention to anything other than Thalia. I was reminded of how she'd broken down infront of me, and how I felt this strange connection to her as she cried.

I was doing this with Kaylee so I can forget about Lia and move on with my life, but it didn't seem to be working. She was all I could think about right now, even when Kaylee stepped out of the bathroom. Kaylee was clad in a sheer black nightie that exhibited the bra and panties underneath. Naturally, I'd be the happiest guy. Excited and impatient to rip it off of her. But I surprised myself when I felt none of those things. What the hell was wrong with me?

Kaylee walked infront of me, brushing her black hair. She leaned against the dressing table after carelessly dropping the brush. She grinned at me, biting her fingers whilst the other hand pulled at the strings that kept her nightie intact. "Remember when we were fifteen? We didn't really know what we were doing but it was fun anyway. But now that we do know what we're doing..." She trailed off, bitting on her glossed-up lower lip.

The thin, black material was chucked to the floor and she was left too scantily dressed. "What if your parents are coming?" I told her, stalling what we were about to do.

"It's midnight. They're sound asleep in their mansion. They won't be coming around anytime soon, atleast not tonight." She smiled, advancing to straddle me. She pressed her fingers to my shoulders to massage me but instead of lessening the discomfort, she amplified it. "You're so tense, boo bear. I can tell this is just what you need. You left Crestling because you were frustrated when you saw me in the bikini. You went home hoping to get some from that girl when you could've just asked me." She added a squeaky chuckle to it.

It annoyed me how shallow and immature her assumption sounded. At the same time, I almost burst out laughing at how her words were so contradictory to her status as the 'overachieving prodigy' of Fleese. But since when did I care how shallow someone was?

"You have no idea how wrong you are." I merely said, wagging my head a little.

"Honey, I'm never wrong. I know you more than you know yourself." Kaylee began to kiss my neck.

"You don't. Trust me, you don't." I added.

She pulled back. "I don't remember you being this talkative."

"I left the waterfall because you guys wouldn't shut up about the wedding that's not even happening." I had to keep myself from raising my voice. 

"What do you mean by that? It is happening." Her eyebrows curved downwards.

"Not anymore. I can't stand any of this shit." I lightly pushed her off me before standing up.

"You said... you said we would learn to love each other someday." She picked up the sheer nightie from the floor before peering up at me with watery eyes. "Five years ago, when you said you couldn't love me yet, I understood. But I waited, Harry. I waited for this."

"But you can't force someone to love you." I softened my voice.

Kaylee's face contorted in agony, suddenly she didn't look recognisable. She ground her teeth as she threw the nightie at me. "You can't love, Harry! You are not able to love anyone or anything because you're a selfish bastard, and you will die one! Everyone knows I deserve better than you. You know that you are nothing without me. I'm a star, and you can't even get through college. You'll take a different girl home every night and you will never be satisfied with your life."

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