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There are many things in this world that are just too fragile to exist. Dreams, ideals, aspirations, those sort of things stand just as frail and breakable as a tree branch by the road or a shard of glass from a shattered window. So easily broken, so easily shattered.

But sometimes, even the most fragile things are the ones that are the strongest, a single flower breaking out of the concrete walkway. Sometimes, it's those of us who are broken the smiles the brightest, and the ones who are whole, are the ones who can't.

Cold and gray, that's what this morning is, and the sad part is that's almost how it always is nowadays. I grab my coat, the only thing that's probably keeping me from freezing to death, and put it on as I headed out the door.

A frigid wind hit me as soon as I stepped out, I shuddered and looked around. Nothing out of the ordinary, parked cars and sidewalks lightly covered in last night's snow, I dug my hands deeper into my coat pockets as I began to walk.

The sun wasn't even up, but it has began showing it's first rays, barely warming my face. I didn't have much to go, just a short walk to Dawson General Hospital, like I do everyday before I start my work, it's almost a routine. It's tiring, it's sometimes annoying, sometimes it hurts, other times I just think it's useless.

But even then, I still have to, it's a promise I have to keep.

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