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n o t e

as long as i'm with you,
everything else don't matter.


s y n o p s i s

the world is ending, everyone is panicking and some have ended their lives as soon as one of the well-known scientist announced that there will be no choice for the human race.

whoever, for hansol. as well as known as vernon, continues to work in a market. calm and collected, it seemed like as if he didn't care about anything.

but he actually does. what will happen to his family? what will happen to sofia? what will happen in their after life?


the world is ending, everyone is panicking and one is still in his shower singing beyoncé's 'listen' out loud.

humming each lyrics out and singing some parts he actually knew without thinking, like a harmony when it comes from the tip of his tongue.

he heard the news, not seem to think much about it. but he once cried along with his mother and even slept beside her, trying his best to spend this month with her as much as he can.

trying to spend as much time with his family as he can. but the saddest thing is... it's his graduation next month, yet he knew he wouldn't live through it.

life is a bitch, and they both know that.


d i s c l a i m e r

i own nothing, all characters belongs to...
CARAT !! (we wish)


w a r n i n g

it contains;

strong language

same sex relationship (for those who are against it , don't read)


book planned : june 2016
book published : july 2016
book ended : february 2017




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