Chapter 68

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Gio's pov:
I watched her sleep soundlessly. She looked beautiful but now had a glow to her that made her even more mesmerizing to stare at.

"How long til she wakes up?" I ask a busy Shannon.

"She should be waking up soon, give it a couple of minutes," she says pulling a chair on the other side of me. "Can I ask why you did it? You sounded so determined at first about the idea."

"I've hurt her enough, she needs to find peace away from me once and for all," I say interlocking our hands together.

"That's a first I've heard from you, your father raised you into a great man if you are letting this girl go. I thought you loved her?" She asks looking up down at Diyah.

"Yeah, well you let the ones you love go. And then you pray and you pray and you pray that they come back to you, maybe even loving you more than you love them," I say looking down at my sleeping beauty.

I loved Nadiyah and because I loved her, I needed her to forget about me once and for all. That was the most I could do for her after everything I've put her through.

Her eyes begin to flutter open and a small smile creeps it's way onto her lips before she realizes it's me she's looking at.


"Get out," she says tiredly. "I don't wanna speak to you or have to look at you for that matter, haven't you taken enough from me already?" She asks sitting up. She winces in pain and my heart breaks a little before she flops back on the bed.

"Shannon, can you give us some privacy?" I ask turning behind me.

Once the door is closed I turn my attention back to her. "I know, I'm a monster and a villain and all things evil. I get it and I deserve it," I say closing my eye together. "If one parent is terrible, the other should be good though, right?" I ask.

"What is that suppose to mean?" She asks attempting to sit up once again.

"It means I can't be there for this baby, God as my witness knows I want to but I can't. I need you to be the best mother you can possibly be because I won't be there for the two of you like I want to be. I need you to be there for it and never make it feel fatherless for a day in his or her life," I say taking her hand into mine and surprisingly enough she doesn't pull away from my touch.

"W-what about the abortion?"

"It didn't happen, I wouldn't be able to live with myself if it did happen."

"Well, thank you," she says after a minute of silence.

"For what?"

"Doing the right thing."

"Well, now you need to do the right thing. Nadiyah I need you to go far far away from here, anywhere you want to go. I don't care where, just go far away from here. Someplace I can't track you down to to raise our child. Money isn't an issue, I can pay for it and whatever else you need, just promise me you'll leave and never come back no matter what. Can you promise me that?"

I knew in the end this would hurt and for once, I was willing to get hurt for her to live the life I knew she deserved.

"I promise," she says teary eyed.

Diyah's pov:
I packed the last of my belongings into my large suitcase and finally was ready to leave. Tomorrow would be the beginning of a new life for me. I'd be starting over again and yes, I was scared but who I wouldn't be?

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