Chapter two

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* Kayla P.O.V*

I Was pulling up at school with music blasting loud asf. I was parking and I seen boys looking at me and hoes mugging but I'm not finna worry about them. I got out and got my phone and locked my doors and started walking to my trunk; I left my school stuff back there so I got my binder, books, and journal. I shut my trunk and I started to walk into the school and everybody was looking at me. Most of the females mugged and some of the boys did too. I'm not finna let them kill my vibe hell nawl so I went to the office and got my schedule. " Kayla Westbrooks?", the lady in the front office said. " Yes I am Kayla." I said as she gave me my schedule.

I walked out the office and and went to my locker to put the stuff up that I didn't need. I take geometry first so I got my stuff for geometry class. As I was shutting my locker some girls came by and bumped into me I didn't want to start anything on first day so I didn't say anything then they were laughing. I just walked away, believe me I wanted to fight but it was first day so I stayed calm. I went into class and I was the first one in there. Mrs. Glenn welcomed me into her room she spoke and I spoke back and sat down.

Then the bell rung for everyone to start going into first period. People started coming in some pointed and laughed at me but I didn't give a fuck unless they don't put they Damn hands on me. The teacher started to teach then this fine ass boy came walking into the door and the teacher said, "you are late." He looked at her and said, " My bad it won't happen again." All the girls liked him and wanted to sit by him but the only seat left was the seat by me. He came and sat down and I felt him looking at me so

I looked at him and he smiled. Omg he was so Damn fine. So then the teacher gave us a worksheet it was so easy. I started to do it and the boy said, "Hey ma, do you have a pencil?" I said, "Yh and I gave him a pencil." Then 30 mins later the bell rung and I got my stuff and let him keep the pencil. It was time to go to second period so I walked out and went to my locker.

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