Chapter 3

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" Mom ! " I yelled.

I was now puttin my plan into action and I was more than ready.

" Yes "

" I wanna spend the night with pops today " I say

She frowned.

" I thought you wanted to be with me and Tyler today"

" Well I'm starting to not like Tyler anymore. I really miss my daddy "

She cocked her eyebrows up but sighed.

" Fine. Call him and ask "

" Oh I already did!" I say

" Oh... well get your bags and get in the car "

" Already done "

She looked at me funny before standing up and walking out. I followed.



" Are you sure you wanna be here with Lilly and Khalia? " mom asked me.

we had just pulled up to dad house. Really, I didn't want to be here at all with Lilly or Khalia, but I had to do it.

I put on a fake smile.

" Yes ma'am "

She sighed.

" Okay. Give me a kiss "

I kissed her cheek then hopped out. I waved bye to her then walked into the house.

"Sup Kylan " Dad spoke

" Hey daddy! " I said while hugging him.

" How long you stayin ?"

" Just for tonight"

Just then, Lilly walked in. When she saw me, she frowned. So I smiled.

" Hi Lilly " I said to her

" Hah, boy, call me mom "

I started chokin.

I may be 7, but I am smart! I've been makin all A's since I started school. I'm one of the smarted kids in my class, as of now.

And I KNOW, that this lady will never hear me call her mom.

" You okay Ky? " Dad ask me.

" NO! She just told me to call her mom ....."

Me and dad both looked at Lilly, then we looked at eachother.

" Where they do that at? " Me and dad said at the same time.

" Ugh that's why I fucking hate you stupid ass kids. They not even yours Kaeden " She said .

I already knew that. But this plan was going better than I thought. Its going .....

Perfect .

She's saying everything I need her to say.

I started " crying " and it made Dad mad that she said that.

"WHAT THE FUCK LILLY! " He yelled.

" I WANNA GO HOME AND NEVER COME BACK! " I yelled, faking mad.

"What? " dad ask

" I SAID! I WANNA HOME AND NEVER COME BACK! " I say again, lying. I love it here. Well only when Lilly and Khalia not here.

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