Settling in

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"Yes Gaara?..."

"How much do you love me?"

"From here..."

Stepping out of the car, a fresh breeze hits your face. Your (H/L) (H/C) flows gently with the breeze, a few strands tickling at your neck.
"Finally," you whisper, smiling at the sight before you.
A small house stood proudly in front of you, it's windows gleaming in the bright sun.

"Oh (Y/N)! It's finally done! Your father did such a great job didn't he?"

You turned your head to the gentle voice that was directed to you. Your mother smiles at you as your gaze met hers.

"He did more than great," you reply back, your smile widening.

Your mother grins in return of your smile and looks back towards the house. You turned back as well and began to step towards it. Your parents bought a piece of land that had been up for auction recently, after their purchase, your father and many of the other hired construction workers began to build the small home right away. The building took almost half a year but it was finally finished. Your patience paid off as you had been awaiting this moment.

Your former household had been sold to attain the piece of land your parents had invested in. You were a bit saddened but not too much for you had only moved across town. Being 7 years old, you didn't mind the idea of moving at all. You were up for new discoveries and found the idea of starting somewhere new quite exciting. The few friends you had made at school gave you their parent's numbers so that you would be able to keep in touch with them and perhaps even pay them a visit when you had settled into your new residence.

Your mother and yourself began to take steps towards the grey and maroon house. Butterflies fluttered around in your stomach, signaling you your excitement. As you two reached the front porch, your mother dug through her purse to look for the set of keys that would grant you entrance to your newly build home. She found them and inserted the key, then turned it. Your heart jumped as you heard the click of the door. When you two stepped inside, a sudden pair of arms wrapped around the both of you.

It took you a moment to process what just happened, but as you looked at the person who was hugging you-

"Dad!" You yelled in happiness.

"Oh sweetheart!" Your mom exclaimed as well.

Your father giggled and squeezed at your responses.

"Hey girls, I thought it would be nice if I would surprise you two as you both walked in...I urm... I also wanted to see your reactions."

"Well, I didn't even get a chance to react before someone intervened, sheesh dad even I have more patience than you," you smugly respond to your dad.

He snickered and pulled away from his embrace to ruffle your hair.

"Right you are!"

You giggle and roll your eyes.

"Well go on you two, take a look around and feel free to sent some critique my way," your father laughed and winked.

It was your mother's turn to giggle and roll her eyes. She gave your father a small peck on the cheek and smiled with warmth, then took your hand and began to walk with you around the house.

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