A Year Gone Wrong

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A Year Gone Wrong( Third book in the Gone Wrong Series) By: xXTheBelieverXx

Cameron has lost his only love, his dad, and risked losing his best friends. Just one summer turned his entire life around. Things only seem to get worse as senior year kicks off. Rebecca is dating and making something of herself while Cameron wastes away. In the midst of choosing whether to return to his old ways or start fresh as a changed man, he loses sight of who he really is. Things push him over the edge this school year, testing his character and forcing him to make important decisions. Little does he know, the answer to all of his problems lies within the heart of Rebecca. Will he be able to earn her trust, love, and heart again? Or will it be too late this time?

So this the third book in the Gone Wrong Series and I'm currently reading it, since she's not completed the book yet. Even though she recently started it the updates are well worth the wait! As always her writing is PHENOMENAL and like I said the waiting is TOTALLY worth it because she always writes AMAZING chapters! ( check it out on external link)>>>>>>>>

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