A Promise Gone Wrong

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A Promise Gone Wrong(second book in the Gone Wrong series) by: xXTheBelieverXx  


"One thing I will promise though, is that I won't ever stop loving him." After learning the tragic news that the bet was still on, and that Cameron had won, Rebecca is left with a hard decision. Leave him, or forgive him. Their relationship transforms into a merciless roller coaster. Things just never seem to go right, and Cameron has to deal with more than just relationship issues. With his dad in the hospital becomming more sick with cancer, and the girl of his dreams about to walk out of his life, he is left with nothing but misery. Even more interesting events take place when they both choose to see other people. Jealousy kicks into gear as they see one another lip locked with someone else. Cameron wants his love back and will do whatever it takes to get her. The question is, will Rebecca trust her heart in his hands again? The sequel to A Bet Gone Wrong brings out more emotion, character, and conflict in the lives and relationships of, and between, Cameron and Rebecca.


This book was absolutley AMAZING it was so emotional and well written( okay thats an understatement it was BEYOND well written) I coudn't put it down. No seriously I went a WHOLE DAY without food because I literally coudn't take my eyes off my laptop, it's that AMAZING!

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