the wedding

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I woke up really early in the morning and got freshed. I was drying my hair as my phone rang. I picked up he phone and said, "Hello?"

"Hey beautiful," I heard Ryan said.

"Hey, what are you doing?" I asked.

"I am planning how we are going to spend our honeymoon," he said. "Not to mention . . . I will have a ton of fun making love to you."

I blushed at his words. "Pervert!"

I heard him laughing. "I can't believe that we are getting married today," he said.

I smiled. It has been a month since we came home from the beach trip and Ryan told our parents that we want to get married. Our parents became so happy that they planned our wedding and they also booked our honeymoon in Paris. "When is your mom going to send the wedding dress? You keep telling me that it is different from other wedding dresses which is making me nervous."

"Mom might come over to your house and help you to dress up. So,  she will bring the wedding dress with her. I hope you will like like it. Mom and dad choose it by themselves," he said.

"Can I get a clue of what they planed for the wedding dress?"

"It's red," he said.

"What? Red? Ryan, people don't wear red dresses for wedding in UK," I said.

"It's know but my family wants our wedding to be unique. Plus, red suits you. Also, all other dresses of our honeymoon for you are red too," he said.

"Oh yeah, those dress. You told Cassie to choose my honeymoon dress. Why did you have to do that? I have my normal dress. We don't need any fancy dresses, you know?"

"Right, we don't need any fancy dress but we do need some sexy dresses," he smirked.

"What?! You told her to buy sexy dresses? Idiot! Do you even know her properly? Her taste of fashion is very different than mine. She always buy short dresses and I hate short dresses. You know you can see . . . Underware . . . Ew! I am bringing my normal dresses."

"No way! I want to see you in short dresses. Don't worry. I told her what type of dresses I like for you so she will be careful about it," he said. "Nothing is wrong if you wear short and sexy dresses for you husband. Plus, short dresses look good on you," he said.

But, still.

"So, today . . . We are going to make love, eh?"

"Idiot!" I blushed. How could he said those things so easily?

I heard him laughing.

Suddenly I heard mom opening the door. "Hey Alexa," Mom said.

"Mom is here," I said to Ryan. "Bye!"

"Bye and remember Alexa, your idiot is going to make love to besutiful wife on their honeymoon," he said as he hung up the phone.

WHAT THE HECK?! Stupid man!

"What happened?" Mom asked.

"Nothing mom."

"Alright, lets get you ready for you wedding, shall we?" Mom said as she smiled.

At evening . . .

I was in a huge room and mom was doing my make up. Mrs. Onice was texting Ryan.

"My son is crazy about you, Alexa," Mrs. Onice said. "All he is asking in the phone is that are you okay? And do you like the dress? Trust me, he never cared about anybody like this. I guess . . . Love really can change a man."

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