Chapter 12 - Player

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"What do you want?" You muttered, leaning against the white wall of the gym and staring at the purplish sky. You could see from your peripheral vision, Imayoshi also leaning against the wall but his eyes fixated on you.

"I wanted to know your answer to my proposal the other day." He said in all seriousness, his voice held in air.

"I don't know about that. That wasn't a part of my plan."

"Then what's your plan?" Imayoshi asked, his hair slightly swaying along with the wind. His dark eyes held questions.

"That's a secret. Aho." You smirked before heading back inside.

'Too bad I don't plan on dating anyone but the particular person.' You thought to yourself.


And so people were chosen for this year's basketball team – all tall and mighty, skillful and proud. You noticed Aomine staring at you the whole practicing hours, his navy blue orbs boring into you, taking your slightest details in. Momoi who noticed this walked over to Aomine.

"Dai-chan." She started... "You shouldn't stare at her too much. Look, she's fidgeting. You're making her uncomfortable."

"Do you think she's [Name]? I mean, without all the amnesia shit and all, but the actual [Name], three years ago, alive and normal, just sitting there in front of me?"

Momoi gave him a sad smile. "[Name]-chan... she wouldn't stay the way she is right now if she had her memories. She'd be all over you. You know how she loves you."

Aomine was silent. Momoi was silent... And then she leaned in for a hug – really tight and long. Aomine sat shocked, looking at Momoi's arms around his torso. You just sat there, your eyes on them. You heard their conversations, your eyes scanned their every movement. Everyone had their eyes on the two hugging figures before Wakamatsu coughed real loud.


And everyone was back to their tasks again.

Your eyes turned a bit darker, and your heart was on fire. But you held it all in, the only reaction being a stronger grip on your water bottle... with a big smile on your face.You watched Momoi pulling away from Aomine then walking back over to where you were.

"Momoi-san. I never knew Aomine-san was your boyfriend." You grinned cheekily. "That was so cheesy. Hugging in front of everyone!" You flapped your arms around dramatically.

"Eh?" She raised a brow. Then it hit her. "EHHHHHH?!!! No we were nothing of that sort. Just friends. Just friends."

With that being said, her cheeks flushed, steam rushing out from her ears. Oh hoh. Someone does have a crush on Aomine.

"Hmmm? REALLY~?? Then why're you blushing?" You teased her more, almost to the point her face was beet red.

"Actually, we were talking about a friend we had three years ago." She stopped laughing. Her eyes filled with memories, almost staring back into the past.

You laughed mentally. What, is this an act to get sympathy? Is that what the incident was for? An act just to get herself sympathy? After having a heated make out session while you were in the emergency room, does she have a place to gain sympathy from the incident?

Your face was filled with 'questions'. "Hmm? So is she with you guys? I mean, is she attending here?" You asked, like a stranger who knew nothing about what happened 3 years ago.

"Yes- I mean no. Not literally. But she's here. She's always with us. She died 3 years ago... but she's forever in our heart. Especially Dai-chan. They were couples before, and she loved him very much." Momoi had this 'expression' on her face - somewhat in between melancholy and sorrow. Her eyes held pain.

But you knew there was a catch in her phrase. 'She loved him very much.' Was there a need to wonder why it wasn't 'Aomine loved her very much or they both were infatuated with love'?

"Oh... I'm sorry I asked." You pulled a small sad face.

"NO! You didn't ask. I just opened up." She smiled, her cheerful personality on roll again. "I know I can trust you with my secrets. In fact, you look exactly like the friend we had three years ago. Which is all the more reasons I feel appalled to trust you. [Name]-chan... she was a nice girl, kind... and loving. VERY loving." She laughed a little.

Oh you don't know anything Momoi. You don't know anything at all.


It was after the practice. Time for your mission. You spotted Sakurai almost heading out of the gym and a sinister smile grew into a big grin. Time to play with the mushroom boy.

3... 2... 1...

There was a push of the gym door and the boy walked out. His caramel-brown hair wet from sweat, his face flushed, and a big satisfied face spreaded on his cheek. He was one of those 'hard-worker' bees who're very devoted towards basketball. A simple minded person. His smile held innocence, his eyes held determination.

Oh it would be so sweet to break him.

"[F/N]-san?" Sakurai exclaimed upon seeing you standing at the entrance, your clothes wet. You wore a a pink bra underneath, which was really hard not to see under the translucent shirt.

Sakurai's eyes landed on the spot and immediately looked away, blushing.


You pretended to fumble with the shirt before sighing and groaning.

"And it's my second day of school. I can't believe I'm already being bullied. A bunch of girls splashed water at me."

Well, it's not like he would know you splashed it at yourself. He was changing afterall.

"Ano..." Sakurai called out before handing you a towel. "I haven't used this one yet..."

You smiled, and with a thank you, you grabbed the towel and furiously rubbed your shirt. And the top button went 'pop'. You smiled discreetly. It was already tight around there... and with small cut of a single thread, and after this much rubbing, it'd be nothing short of a miracle if it didn't pop.

Now it was fully visible.

You made yourself blush.

Sakurai was now fidgeting, not knowing what to do.


"Ahh. What a bad luck I have. I can't believe this is all happening to me today." You muttered, not so softly. "Now how am I going to get home- AHH."

And all your books tumbled down from your arms.

You kneed down, picking the books up one by one. Sakurai stood there, his eyes on obviously what... He gulped. You could see it from your peripheral vision, a small smirk stuck on your face. Then he crouched down to help you pick the books.


"Sorry! I'm so clumsy." You babbled as you stood up. Sakurai handed the books to you.

"Ano. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm really sorry. I'M SORRY! I didn't intend to see it. But I saw. I'm so sorry!" He said afterwards.

Oh. He didn't 'intend' did he?

"No I'm sorry. I'm such an airhead! Wahh! Now how am I going to walk back home in this situation?!" You gave out a long sigh.

Sakurai stood there for a while before taking off his coat.

"Here." He said, handing it to you. He was blushing. Probably his first time doing this for a girl? You blushed too... intentionally. Two red-faced boy and girl, standing at the school entrance...

"It's used?"

"I'M SORRY!" He exclaimed, his eyes widened. And you giggled. You were releasing most of your charm right now. You were so fake, your inner conscious was vomiting.

"No it's okay. Thank you, Sakurai-kun!" you shouted as you took off running. His coat on you and you could feel your hair flying as the air rush past you.


'There. Now he's in my grasp.' You smiled all to yourself.

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