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Pen Your Pride

Lilly felt the hot tears roll down her face as she watched Mason drown. Sure she was mad at him and sure he had been awful to her the last several weeks but she didn't want him dead and she defiantly didn't want to be the one to kill him!

Keeping her hand on the wall of water surrounding him she said comforting words though she knew he couldn't hear. Her eyes remained closed, she couldn't watch what was happening, she just kept talking him through his death, or was she talking herself through it?

With a cry of frustration so slammed her fist into the wall of water, "WHY WON'T YOU GO AWAY?" Why were the waves not listening to her? She had formed Mason's tomb why couldn't she deform it? She kept slamming her fist into the wall and screaming at it as thought it would help bring Mason back.

She screamed and slammed at the walls with water spraying back at her. Finally she thought she heard a crack. She opened her eyes and looked, there was a crack on the wall. Taking several steps back and using all her body weight she ran and slammed into the watery prison and with a mighty groan the walls broke and water flooded the forest ground, sweeping Lilly off her feet.

When the water stopped rushing her she jumped to her feet and ran to Mason, who was gasping for breath of the forest floor, the hard fall on his back must have knocked the water out of his lungs. She reached out to touch him but he pushed her hands away. "Don't," gasp, "Touch," gasp, "Me."

She recoiled quickly but as he was still trying to catch his breath she decided that him living for a few more decades was more important than his pride. She grabbed him by the shoulders and sat him up so he could breathe better and plopped down beside him on the wet ground so she could rub his back. "I am sorry, I really am I don't know what happened." She pleaded with him.

Mason moved away from her but didn't try standing up. "You lost control of your god damn ability and almost killed me!" Good to know his lungs were beginning to work again.

Why was it always him who she almost kills? It's amazing he even agreed to come out here and help her considering the situations she puts him through. Mason used a nearby branch to pull himself up and stumbled towards the car. He pulled at the handle and grabbed his things out of the front seat before setting off down the road. Lilly followed.

"Where are you going?" She asked when she caught up with him, slightly out of breath.

"Away from you."

Ok she deserved that, "I don't know what else to say to you other than I'm sorry, Mason. I am new at this my family didn't teach me how to use abilities when I was a toddler! It's like you've been riding a bike for fifteen years and I'm just learning. I'm going to be slower, scared and I am going to fall a lot but with help I can get back up and-"

He held up his hand to her, "Stop with your bike metaphor I don't care about your problems." He sighed and rubbed his hand down his tired face, "I don't know what the hell you just did with that water, hell I don't think there's anyone alive who can pretend to know what the hell you can do. All I know is I want nothing to do with your training."

He began walking faster. Lilly stopped and sighed. She couldn't follow him back into town on foot for one thing that was almost a two hour walk with all the hills. Secondly it was going to be dark soon and she didn't want to leave her car all night. She ran back up the hills and into her car, sweating like a pig and breathing heavily, she needed to take advantage of the school fitness center when she got back.

Wheeling down the road she found Mason still trudging along kicking a rock as he went. It was almost like a scene out of a kids story, a boy walking through the forest with all the colours of fall surrounding him kicking a single stone along the way. She drove slowly to admire the scene for a moment before bringing her car up along beside him. "Get in the car."

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