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Just to let you guys know, all the conversations in sign language will be written in bold.

"Ashton honey, wake up. Daddy's downstairs making breakfast." Louis cooed as he brushed the four year old's hair off of his head. Ashton sat up and rubbed his eyes before hopping into Louis' lap.

"Papa I starts footie today wit Sabrina!"

"That's right buddy, Auntie Perrie and Auntie Jade are going to bring her over a little early so you can go swimming for a bit, does that sound good?" Ashton eagerly nodded. "Alright now go potty then go downstairs and help Daddy finish breakfast while I wake up Ni."

"Okay Papa!" Ashton giggled before hopping off his lap and running towards the loo. Louis chuckled a bit before going over to Niall's bed and leaning down next to it. He gently shook Niall and watched as he slowly opened his eyes and looked up at him.

"Hey love it's time to wake up."

"Daddy make breakfast?"

"Yep he's making it right now. Do you need a nappy change love?" Niall blushed and nodded his head slowly as he looked down. Louis cooed and lifted him out of bed and laid him down on the floor before grabbing a new nappy and changing him. "Alright let's go see what daddy made." Niall grabbed Louis' hand and they made their way downstairs where Harry and Ashton were placing Bacon on everyones' plates.

"Papa I help daddy! Look Papa!"

"That's good baby but remember what daddy and I told you love? Sign everything you say so Ni can understand too." Louis said out loud as well as signed but when he looked down he noticed Niall already looking away with a frown on his face. Louis sighed and bent down to his level and made Niall look at him.

"Please don't get upset babe, Ashton wants to talk to you, he just forgets to sign sometimes. He's still learning." Niall just nodded slightly and went over to where Harry was cooking and tugged on his pants. Harry looked down and smiled at him.

"Good morning love, sleep well?"

"Yeah. Can we do something fun today daddy?"

"Your cousin Sabrina is coming over and I invited your Uncles Liam and Zayn too."

"Uncle Zee and Uncle Li are coming?! What time?!" Niall asked with excitement.

"Nine, so you have an hour to eat and get ready." Niall nodded and sat down to eat with a smile on his face.

An hour later and the doorbell rang. Louis hurried to get it and allowed everyone in. Sabrina and Ashton quickly rushed off to play as all six adults plus Niall made their way to the family room. They talked for awhile while Niall just happily relaxed on Zayn's lap, playing with his fingers. Eventually Zayn tapped Niall on the shoulder so he would look at him.

"Aren't you bored here love? Try playing with Sabrina and Ashton." Niall was going to argue that he'd rather stay there but now that he thought about it, he was quite bored. He nodded and went off to the playroom. When he opened the door Ashton and Sabrina looked at him and waved and motioned for him to come over and play a game with them. It looked like a board game of some sort. He sat down next to Ashton and watched as he and Sabrina talked and laughed. Niall just sighed and placed his game piece on the board. It went okay for awhile, he watched them to figure out when it was his turn but eventually he lost focus and just reached forward to move his piece only to have his hand slapped away by Sabrina. He looked at her and she started yelling at him but of course he had no idea what she was saying. He looked to Ashton for help but he only started yelling too. Niall got up and tried to stop the tears from falling as he went back into the family room and onto Harry's lap.

"Everything alright love?" Niall hesitated but then just signed back.


So there's a little intro into what life is like for Niall.

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