1] "Just Grow Up, Peter!"

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"There was a time when I was alone, no where to go and no place to call home."


  Peter tossed my music box back and forth between him and our friend Jessie. Jessie laughed and held the music box above his head while I jumped on my toes, trying to take it back.

  "No, Peter, stop!"I screamed.

  They ran about the courtyard, me on their tails in anger. My biological mother had given me that music box. And Peter knew I loved that box so much. He was a mischievous boy. And it irritated me beyond compare.

  "You twits! Keep throwing it like that, and you'll end up breaking it!"I roared at the top of my lungs. Peter stopped running then flashed a wide white grin.

  My cheeks flushed a deep red and I watched as the music box landed neatly into his hands."Hey, Jess, go long!"He yelled. I fumed at this as Jessie took several steps back while Peter chucked the box.

  Jessie wasn't the best at catching everything. And I knew he hadn't caught my most prized possession when I heard a crash and the crooked music of a broken music box. Tears streamed down my face and Peter ran towards me with his hands opened. He looked just as devastated as me. But I doubted it. Peter never spoke about his folks. He never had one thing that had been theirs or that they gave him before he was given up to the orphanage. But I did. And he decided to be stupid and break the one thing that reminded me I had a family that had a hole where I should be.

  "Oh god, Victoria I'm so sorry..I didn't think it would break."He said in a shaky voice.

  I shoved him away with an angry look masking my pain.

  "That's just the thing, Peter! You never think! Why don't you ever consider things before you do them Peter?"I lashed out, pounding on his chest with my smaller hands. He was 10, I was 8.

  "I said I'm sorry, Vicki! Jeez..."He grumbled.

  "A sorry won't fix my mother's music box, you...you twat! Just grow up, Peter. Maybe then I'll be able to stand you."I ran off back into the orphanage building and faceplanted into my bed, snuggling under the covers and cried till I couldn't cry anymore.

  A few days after that happened..

  Peter managed to get me out of bed and led me to the mess hall. He forced me to eat. He forced me to drink.

  "Vicki...now I told you I was sorry.."He said in a low deep voice that rumbled me to my core.

  But I still couldn't look at him.

  "Victoria."Oh god.

  I looked over at him, my bloodshot green eyes burning from dehydration.

  In his hands was my music box. It looked poorly fixed, with glue and such, but when he twisted the key, it worked beautifully.

  I was in shock and I took it gently from him, holding it close to my heart. Fresh tears tickled my cheeks and I smiled st Peter. He was my best friend and he always looked up for me. Did this mean he finally decide to put his childish acts aside?

  "I'm so glad you like it. I couldn't figure out how to stick the pieces together and how to fix the thing that makes music. So my friend Tinkerbell helped me fix it."

  My hopes dropped to the ground. Nope. He hadn't pushed his imagination to the side. I found it very sweet that he fixed my music box, but he was giving credit to an imaginary friend? This boy doesn't know how to flirt..

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