1} Because of You

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"I will not make the same mistakes that you did. I will not let myself cause my heart so much misery. I will not break the way you did, you fell so hard. I learned the hard way to never let it get that far."


  I never cared how I was going to get money. Where I was going to get the money from. What I did to get it never mattered. As long as my brothers and sister got something to eat, I made sure to tell them it never mattered about where the money I got came from.

  I never wanted them to know the dark truth of this world.

  I surely didn't want them to know that I got this money from among the likes of what the gangsters here like in Miami..

  Sex, simple lap dances, drugs, disks, CDs, flash drives, etcetera.

  I rarely ate, I only ate leftovers if my older younger sibling wasn't hungry. We lived in an orphanage where nobody really came in to adopt anyone.

  Rather my siblings lived here. I was out on the streets, bringing them back food from the money I scrounge up. I knew I couldn't adopt them when I turned 18, I was barely eligible to attend school since I didn't even live anywhere plainly.

  I skimmed through the paper Roberto gave me with the names of people who needed jobs done. Next to their names were the job categories and under that was the phone number.

  I wanted to try out the job that said Weapons Transfer. But the phone wasn't in service.

  The only other job that seemed promising in its reward was "Kidnapping" by a guy named Robertico Emanuel. It paid $10,000 per person. Now this was a rich man who wanted someone's head on his domino table.

  I dialed the phone number and cleared my throat as I held it to my ear. I used a fancy old landline the orphanage owner had in every room.

  Someone picked up.

  "Alo?" (Hello?)

  "Hey there, Rob. My name is Corona. Corona Gold. I'm looking into that job that you put up!"

  "Qual?"(Which one?)

  "Lets just say I want to know how many kids I'm taking to daycare for you."I mumbled the secret phrase these guys here used for kidnapping.

  There was a short pause and he gave an amused sigh.

  "Ai. Cinco chicos. Ahora estoy en la Bayside. Vamos. Yo te ves ."(Ah. Five boys. Right now I'm at Bayside. Come on. I'll see you there.)

  He hung up and I sighed softly.

  I went with the same clothes I wore every day. Black paint splattered strap up Converse, my mother's favorite bottle shaped pendant, along with white tights I myself splashed and permanently stained with paint. I had on a black paint splattered sweatshirt too. I just have a thing for clothes that had paint on them. They were beautiful and expressed my personality.

  When I got there, I was surprised to see a 25 year old rich ass bachelor mumbling to himself while watching people dance to the music blaring from the speakers of an open nearby club.

  "Hey there Rob."I waved to him. It was obviously him. He chuckled and nodded.

  A stray strand of his black hair swayed a little as he strode to my side."Vamos, chica. I'll show you the men I'd like you to take hostage for me."He said, wrapping his arm around my shoulder.

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