I pulled away, wiping my eyes with the back of my sleeve. I was glad that I had put shorts on as I looked around to see everyone was looking at me. Merry was cradling Pippin and he seemed to have calmed down. He was sweating and he cheeks were shiny, showing that he had been crying. He stared at me, and I nodded my head, satisfied that he was ok and not in pain. When I looked at Gandalf a sudden twirl in my stomach made me jump up to the floor, the best I could, and ran to toilette. I let the contents of food I had eaten the night before, mixed with the alcohol and everything else flush from my stomach into the toilet. When the gagging had stopped I managed to wipe my mouth and I washed my face off with some water.

    I went back in the room to see Gandalf sat down with his hand covering his forehead. He looked stressed out and tired. Everyone looked as shocked as they had before, apart from the heartbeats of everyone seemed quieter, slower even. When I cleared my throat everyone looked up and at me. Legolas strode over to me and put both hands on my shoulders, looking in my eyes to see if I was okay. I smiled at him and he didn’t look completely satisfied with me. I eyeballed the door and he made a small nod and then as I began to go toward the door, Legolas picked up something just behind me and I left before even saying a word to anyone.

     When I was out of the corridor and looking out into the city I looked on, captioning the battle but imagining what it would look like if Saruman won the battle. It would be in ruins and all the good on the earth, the green grass, the trees and mankind in general. I actually jumped when Legolas put a jacket around me. He placed a gentle hand on my waist and I leant my body into his body, feeling his presence like it was something dearly I’d lost.

    “I’m scared Legolas,” I whispered to him. He nodded his head a little and hugged me closer. He didn’t say anything for a while but just being with him I felt safer. What was I to do if we were separated? I mean I didn’t fear death but there were other things I did.

   “I’m here V,” he replied to me after what seemed like a long time. I looked up at him into his eyes to see comfort and warmth. I turned so my body was against his, so close my chest pressed against his.

    “For now,” I said to him. His eyebrow raised and looking concerning at me. I took a sigh, resting my head on his hard chest and my hand on the bottom of his shoulder. It was only to this moment that I realised how well built Legolas was. Whether it was because of me feeling so panicked and shocked by the shocking images I had been sent, I didn’t want to let Legolas go.

    “You know what lies ahead. You’ve already seen it in my eyes, there’s a huge army building and it’s going to attack soon. I know Gandalf enough to know that Pippin and I touching that palatir, is a sign that trouble is only heading our way. I saw it and I now see what’s going to happen. We can’t stay together, not with upcoming battles that lie ahead,” I managed to say before I chocked on a cry that erupted from my throat. It then became apparent that I did fear something. I feared being alone and isolated from everyone I loved. I feared being separated, no one to talk to me, no one to hear my cry…

    Hours after, when light had risen just over to the fields and shone through the keep, people began to wake up and that night’s events were to be announced. I had stayed outside with Legolas watching the sun rise. I did not want to go back to sleep, nor did I want to be left alone to my own mind, scared that voice may talk to me again.

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