Within one look into his eyes, she knew that she was going to fall for him, unfortunately, his eyes were set on another girl.
A girl that was not her.

❝Just a little bit of your heart is all I want.❞

『 Anime Love Rival Series 』

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Anime Love Rival Series

Tamaki Suoh x Hitachiin Twins x OC
[Rosaline Blossom]



Intense swearing
Inappropriate humor
Sexual content/language
Alcohol mentions and use
Self-harm, triggering thoughts
A great amount of fluff/angst
Realistic emotions and feelings

The warnings are here to show what the book will be portraying; please take note on them and if you are really not comfortable with the cautions so far, then do not read the story.

The story may contain spoilers prior to the anime and manga series.

You may see 'TC' in several chapters, it stands for 'Text Conversation', and these chapters are messages via mobile with Hikaru and Rose only.



This entire story contains a great amount of angst and fluff, where emotions are going to portrayed in the best realistic manner they can be depicted; basically seeing one that you love within the arms of someone else, for true heartache will continuing to tug on one's heartstrings — the warnings are meant to be taken seriously, severe swearing and inappropriate humor is down the path for the story, and if anyone that wishes to not gaze upon what has been cautioned, you are welcome to close this book.

The story's purpose is to portray how impactful emotions can be and how feelings towards someone can be heavily strong on one's strings within their heart. Rosaline Blossom is a character that I find humorous and also very exquisite; you are free to imagine her as someone else than the character that I portray her as.


I do not own Ouran High School Host Club, all contents of the anime, manga, etc. belong to Bisco Hatori. I also do not own the manga caps that will be used for editing here, and Rosaline will be seen as a girl from Hibi Chouchou and I do not own those manga caps as well; all Ouran and Hibi manga caps are owned by Bisco Hatori and Suu Morishita. Please be aware that the manga edits shown here will be credited to the rightful owners; those not credited are actual caps from the original mangas.

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