"I Can Do Zat!"

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Zaylee's POV:We headed towards a ship that would drop us right above Vulcan

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Zaylee's POV:
We headed towards a ship that would drop us right above Vulcan. We got suited up and Kirk said "you good?" I nodded and said "this wasn't in the job description. I'm supposed to me in medical." "Well your uncle thinks your more important than that." Kirk replied. I nodded and we got ready for the drop. We dropped down and I was close to Kirk. I could hear Pavel counting down the meters. "20,000 meters." He said. As we got closer Sulu pulled his chute. Kirk did his and I did mine. Olson did his too late and was killed. "O-Olson is gone sir." Pavel said. I cut my chute off and began fighting a Romulan. Sulu fought one as well. Kirk was hanging onto the platform. I took my sword and killed the one trying to knock Kirk off the side. Kirk and Sulu shot the power source. "Beam us up." Kirk said. The tower began to shake knocking me off in the process. "Zaylee!" Kirk screamed. He jumped off after me along with Sulu. Tears clouded my vision and I knew this was it.

Pavel's POV:
I realized they couldn't beam them out. "I can do zat. I can do zat! Take the con!" I said. I ran towards the beaming room. "Move move! I can do zat! I can do zat! Move! Quick give me manual control I can lock on!" I said. I sat down in front of the screen and began working my magic. "Beam us up!" Kirk said irately. "Hold on! Hold on! Hold on!" I replied. Kirk said "now! Now! Now! Do it now!" "Ok. Hold on! Compensating gravitational pull and...." I smiled to myself. I could Zaylee's terrified screams. The three of them landed onto the pad. "Gotcha!" I said. I exclaimed in Russian and Kirk groaned in pain. Zaylee's panted and looked around. "Who beamed us here?" She asked. I looked over at her and said "zat was me." Zaylee smiled and stood up. She ran over to me and I was taken aback. She jumped into my arms and I caught her surprisingly. She clung to me and Kirk said "you heard what your uncle said." "Your not my dad." She said. Sulu snickered and I set her down gently. Kirk said "wait till I tell your uncle." Zaylee said "I can't wait till you tell him. You can tell him I did this too." Zaylee grabbed me by my shirt collar and pulled me in and kissed me. It was unexpected and I melted under her lips. Our lips moved in sync and Kirk's mouth dropped. Zaylee pulled away and said "thanks for saving me Pavel. Bye Kirk." Zaylee walked away and I blushed and looked down. "Get back up to navigation." Kirk said. I nodded and followed them back. I smiled to myself. I knew that I'd be giddy for at least an hour. I sat in my chair at navigations. Spock was acting captain. "Zaylee doesn't know that her uncle won't be returning." He said. I turned around and said "I think she should be made aware." Spock said "she needs to focus. Also can you tell me anything that's going on with Vulcan?" "They're creating a black hole zat will consume the planet." Spock jumped up and said "I want you on beaming." I nodded and rolled my eyes as I had to walk back. I passed by medical and I heard Zaylee talking to Bones. "Bones I kissed him and he doesn't even like me back. My life is over. I can never speak to him again." My lips parted into an 'O' shape. Bones said "I'm sure he likes you. I'm actually positive." Little does Zaylee know that Bones knows I like her and he knows she likes me. "Just ask him out." Bones said. Zaylee scoffed and said "you're funny Bones. He'll laugh at me and won't be my friend." Bones sighed and said "Zaylee your overreacting." "I'm not!" She whined. Bones said "yes. You are." I headed toward the beaming pad and waited for the signal. I tried to save Spock's mother but I was unsuccessful. "I'm losing her! I'm losing her! No I lost her...." I said. Spock looked to be in shock and I felt a little guilty. Kirk saw how Spock looked. He was in shock. He couldn't believe he just watched his mother die. "Commander?" I asked. He looked at me and I said "are you going to tell Zaylee about ze keptain?" Spock didn't answer me. I looked down and Kirk said "Chekov I'll tell her myself." I nodded and headed back towards navigation. I sat in my chair and sighed. Spock was a little distraught. I wished he wasn't this way. Zaylee came to the bridge and said "where's uncle Pike?" I looked down as Kirk said "he was captured by Romulans." Zaylee's eyes watered and she said "no." Kirk nodded and she looked weak in the knees. I stood up and caught her before she fell. "Oh Pavel." She said as she buried her face into the crook of my neck. She cried softly and Kirk said "we'll get him back." I rubbed her back and she sat down in my chair. I knelt down to her level and said "are you ok?" "I think so. Thanks Pavel." She said. I took her hand in mine and said "it will all be ok." "What if he dies?" She asked. "Zat won't happen. Because keptain Spock and Kirk will get him back. I promise you zat won't happen." I replied. I rubbed circles on her hand with my thumb and half smiled up at her. She smiled back and wiped her eyes. "Uhura could you grab me some tissues?" She nodded and handed me some. I wiped her eyes and tear stained cheeks. She stared at me and said "I should let you get back to navigating. I'll see you later Pavel." She stood up and hugged me again. She sighed softly and I rubbed her back. "Hey if you need anything call me on my com. I'll pick up. I promise you zat." She smiled and hugged me one last time. "Sorry for kissing you." Zaylee whispered. I smiled and said "it didn't bother me. But I think it bothered Kirk." She giggled and kissed my cheek before walking away. I sighed dreamily as she walked away and Sulu said "you crushing on her." "Wery badly." I replied. Sulu laughed and Kirk said "you know pike is gonna kill you right?" "Not when he finds out zat I saved her life." I shot at him. Sulu said "shots fired." Kirk rolled his eyes and I sat down in my chair. I was happy that I just kinda roasted Kirk. Now we have to worry about Romulans that want to take down the ship.

Here's chapter 2! So I had my surgery and everything went great. I'm in extreme pain. Anyways please don't message me about the spelling errors. We all know that's how Chekov pronounces things. Because of his very heavy accent that's how I'm typing. I know how to spell people. Also there might be normal spelling errors cause I don't pre read my chapters after I write them. Oh well. Hope y'all like this. It was fluffy.

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