Jarrod stories: Jarrod visits the zoo

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One day Jarrod went to the zoo and went to look at his favourite animal the monkey. He stood infront of the cage and waved but the monkey did not look. So Jarrod grabbed a rock and threw it at the monkey, it missed the monkey by 10 metres but the monkey noticed Jarrod. It walked up to the side of the cage where Jarrod was and threw a banana at him. Jarrod picked up the banana just as a zoo keeper came around a corner. The zookeeper yelled: "A monkey Broke out!", and ran towards Jarrod. Jarrod ran away and jumped down into a cage where he hid underwater. The zookeeper ran past and Jarrod started climbing the cage poles again when a crocodile bit his leg. Jarrod screamed but noticed the crocodile only had his pants, so he quickly took them off but then he noticed it was also holding his underwear so he took it off as well and climbed to the top of the cage, he then jumped down the other side and landed on the zookeepers head in a sitting position. The zookeeper screamed and Jarrod ran away. As he was running he was hit by a forklift and the forklift driver got scared so he jumped off. Jarrod grabbed the steering wheel and looked to where he was going, about 50 m away was the worlds largest pillow so Jarrod yelled: "OH no im gonna crash!" and turned the steering hard right which sent him flying off a ledge on the side of the road and into the elephant cage. The 200 elephants had their feeding time on now on the other side of the huge cage so they all ran over Jarrod and the forklift to get to the other side. The zookeeper scraped Jarrod off the floor and put him into the monkey cage where Jarrod would live for the rest of his life. The End.

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