Chapter 31

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He wasn't here I knew that even before I opened my eyes or moved my hand to feel how cold the other side of the bed was.

He didn't come back, I shouldn't have opened my big mouth and told him....

"Morning beautiful".

Blinking my eyes open I swallowed hard when my eyes landed on him standing at the bottom of the bed in nothing but his boxers and two mugs in his hands.

"Sleep okay?" He asked placing the coffees on the bedside cabinet before slipping in beside me.

"Better than I expected" I yawned stretching out my arms only to gasp when he grabbed a hold of my hand and laced our fingers together.

"That's good you hungry?" He asked rubbing his thumb over the top of my hand.

Was he really not going to bring up last night? I may have almost been asleep but I still knew what I said.

Sighing I pulled my hand from his and snuck it under the cover of course he wasn't going to bring it up but I wasn't going to either. "Not really think I'm just going to lie here until I need to get up".


"I'm not hungry Blaze so you can go and do whatever it is you normally do in the morning. Just give me my coffee before you go". I cut in before he could continue.

I told him I loved him, confirmed it three times and he's acting as though I hadn't said a thing. I wasn't trying to be angry but how was I suppose to act? Do I just forget about it until he brings it up?

"Here" He sighed handing me my coffee. "I'm going for a jog I'll be back before you need to leave". Taking the coffee from him I didn't say another word because if I did I was afraid I would have lost it.

Hearing the door click shut I sunk my teeth so hard into my bottom lip I tasted blood. That right there showed me how this day was going to go. He didn't utter one word about it never even acknowledge that I had said anything. He wanted us to be together and yet this is how he reacted to me saying the three most important words.

Taking the pillow from behind me I screamed into it until my throat became sore. What a bloody jackass of a man. Maybe he didn't feel the same and that's why he didn't say it back because if wouldn't mean anything.

How stupid do I feel now?

Bursting through the door there she stood with a broom in her hands. "What happened? Where are they? Are you okay?".

Looking at her I couldn't hold back the laugh that burst from my mouth. Scowling at me she dropped the brush to the floor and crawled in beside me. "Why the hell did you scream? I thought something had happened".

"And what exactly were you going to do with that?" I chuckled

"Shut up it was the closest thing to me now what were you screaming about?" She asked as she pulled the covers up and over her legs.

"I told him I love him".

"Ava that's great you finally grew some balls and told him again- wait that doesn't explain why you were screaming"

"I told him I love him confirmed it three bloody times for him and do you know what his reply was?" I snapped feeling my self getting angry.

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