Refuse, Defuse, (Don't) Walk Away

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'I object,
I will not stay.
Just walk away.'"
They say it's true,
But every time,
Trapped in their hate and
ruthless crime.
It seems so dull,
so dark in here.
This cold and empty atmosphere
Controls my thoughts,
My every step,
My racing heart,
And aching breath.
I'm sick and tired of
All they've done.
Their piercing, torturing, filthy words are a game
unless the wounded fall,
Their weak and dying hearts withdraw
or brought to life
by a jolt of hope
That strikes where they need it most
That brings them back upon their feet
And shouts, "We will NEVER retreat!
Our battle here is never done,
And we won't stop until we've won.
Our brothers and sisters who lie dead,
Or aching sorrow crowds their head;
We fight for them,
for those who hurt.
We won't be pushed into the dirt!
We do object, but we will stay.
We refuse.
We defuse.
But we never walk away!"


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