🔱 Chapter Five 🔱

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Both sisters ran through the woods blindly, picking a path with their hands and feet. The moonlight gave them little help on their run for it was shrouded by the unseen tops of trees and their extended branches.

Abidah wanted so badly to stop running, her chest was heaving and there was no doubt Maurie was on the verge of collapsing.

They were running for almost ten minutes now and come to think of it Abidah hadn't heard any running behind her.

"Maurie, wait!" Her sister stumbled to a stop. "Listen."

Maurie craned her neck to hear better while keeping an eye on her surroundings as well.

"Do you hear that?" asked Abidah. Maurie turned her head from side to side trying to hear what hear what her sister was talking about.

"I don't hear anything." Maurie frowned in confusion.

"Exactly, everything's way too quiet." Abidah took a step forward. The only sounds that could be heard around them were the hooting of owls and the singing of crickets.

"Do you think they stopped following us?"

"I highly doubt it. They're probably regrouping, trying to come up with a plan in order to catch us." Abidah squinted her eyes against the pitch black surroundings.

"Shouldn't we keep running then, in case they come up with a good plan and come after us again?" Maurie was getting fidgety. She couldn't see anything around her and didn't know what kind of things were hiding out in the dark especially seeing that they were being chased by two princes and their bodyguards.

Abidah didn't answer her sister right away, she herself needed to come up with a plan and fast. They had left all their things back at the camp due to their hurry to get away and she was still worried about Ashkelon.

"And what about Ashkelon? You left him behind remember."

"My thoughts exactly." Thought Abidah to herself.

Both Abidah and Maurie were contemplating what they were going to do when a twig snapped to the left of their position and a body jumped out of the bushes, it was Cerul and he had a bow and arrow firmly drawn between his hands.

"Holy crap!" shouted Maurie. On instinct both girls ran in the opposite direction but that direction was blocked also by another body and Abidah collided into the person's chest.

"That's it young lady you're coming with us." The other bodyguard grabbed Abidah by the shoulders roughly.

"I don't think so." Abidah gritted out and with that she brought her head forward lightning fast and slammed it against the man's own.

"Son of a -" The bodyguard let go of her and brought his hands upwards to nestle the bruise that was now forming on his forehead. Not wasting anymore time she grabbed Maurie by the hand and made another dash for the trees when suddenly her feet got stuck to the ground and she was rendered unmoving. Something cold crawled up her feet and it sent shivers down her spine and when she looked down what she saw had her gasping in shock.

"What the hell is this?!" exclaimed Abidah.

Long shards of ice were now cemented around her feet holding her in positon. She looked to her side and found Maurie in the same predicament. She tried moving her legs but they wouldn't budge, it seemed the more she tried to break free of the ice the more it sprouted around her legs. When her legs became hidden from view she tried using her hands to break the ice but this only caused her hands to become numb from the coldness and the skin to break in some places but she refused to give up.

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