Cheater; Straub

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(Your Point Of View.)

Mitchell and I had been going on strong for about six months now. I'm completely head over heels for him. He never fails to make me laugh and smile. I love him with all my heart, I know he loves me equally.

In the beginning, when he introduced me to his friends, I was super jealous of Bianca. They're best friends, and I couldn't compete with that. But, after awhile we became so close too! Almost like sisters! I can't live without her!

I'm currently on my way to the 'Zone House'. All of them moved into a house together. I preferred my apartment, living with four other people is too much for me.

I walked into the house, I don't bother knocking they don't care.

"Hey Y/N, look now's not a good time." Sam and Ryan rushed to the door and started talking very loudly.

"Yeah, Mitchell is out, so is Bee. And they things are kinda crazy right now. Trust us you do not want to be here." Ryan rushed.

"Guys, what's up? You're acting all weird." I ask. They share worried looks. Then, I head it.

"HARDER MITCHELL HARDER. AHHHHH MITCHELL!" I heard Bee moan from upstairs. My eye twitched and I tensed up.

"Are you fucking serious?" I whisper yell.

"I'm sorry! They made us swear not to tell you." Sam sighed.

"Move." I pushed between them and walked into the kitchen.

I started grabbing things left and right, putting them into a large bowl.

A giant bowl of strawberry jam and honey.

I added some juice to make it even more sticky and more liquid-y so it pours better.

"Do you have any feathers?" I ask Ryan and Sam who just watched curiously at what I was doing.

"Um, no." Ryan dragged his words.

"Shit.." I mumbled under my breath.

"We have glitter!" Sam says and I smile.

"Good. Get it." I smirk.

I can still hear them. It's getting so heated. I have to hurry.

"Here." Sam comes back with a bag of blue glitter.

"Follow me, I'll need your help." I grab the giant bowl and the glitter and walk upstairs.

"FASTER MITCHELL, I'M GOING TO CUM!" Bee shouted. Kinda glad she did, now I know which room she's in.

I wait about five minutes after everything stops. I nod at Sam and he sighs and knocks.

He opens it slightly.

"Dude what the fuck, get out!" Mitchell yells. I can see that it's dark in the room, perfect.

"Sorry! I just need to borrow your phone charger, mine broke." Sam opens the door wider.

I see them, cuddling under the blankets, eyes closed.

I tip toe over to them. I start pouring the jam and honey all over them. I heard Bee shriek.

"Revenge is sweet, isn't it guys?" I ask as I drop the bowl on the floor. They stared at me wide eyed.

"Y/N, let me explain." Mitchell tried and I snicked.

"Don't bother. Fuck you, fuck both of you." I take the glitter and throw it all over them. Sticking to the mixture I made.

"You fucking cheater! And you! My supposed best friend?! Never speak to me again." I storm out with tears in my eyes.

At least they got what the deserved.



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