Chapter 2

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Spencer's POV

After seeing Rae lying helpless on the ground I never want to release her from my hold. We've been best friends as long as I can remember. If anything happens to her its like I can physically feel her pain. Cleansing the wounds on her beautiful, unconscious face makes me wonder how anyone could not instantly fall in love with her. If I had asked Rae, she would give me a book full of reasons why nobody should like her, but none of them are true. As I apply an ice pack to her bruising ribs, Rae's father, Matthew, joins me in the living room to examine his sleeping beauty. 

"What on earth happened today?" He questioned me, his full of concern. 

"I wasn't there at first, she was supposed to meet me after the last bell so we could walk home. It was taking her an awfully long time so I went to look for her, knowing that something wasn't right. When I got to her locker, there were about four or five people, I don't remember exactly, who were just having at her with their fists and feet." I explained to him. I don't remember much after that honestly. As soon as I saw Rae, everything turned red and I was never so angry at anyone in my life. My first instinct was to fight back those who had hurt her, but if she was still conscious I wouldn't want her to witness that. So instead I started sprinting down the hall, closing all of the space between us within a matter of seconds. I lowered myself to the ground to protect her frail body from any more blows. Now I remember. It was Cleo. Cleo and her so called friends have always picked on my Rae. For what reason, I will never know because as far as I'm concerned, she has no flaws.

"Spencer.." Her father calls my name, snapping me out of the memory. "Did you hear me?" He questions. 

"No sir," I responded 

"It's alright, what were the names of the kids who went after her?"

"Cleo, Heidi, Julia, and I believe Ben" I responded, loathing each name more than ever.

"Thank you," Matt responded. "I trust you'll take care of her so may I head back to the office?"

"Yes, of course," I answered and with that I was left with my best friend who was slowly regaining her consciousness. 


Rae's POV

"How are you feeling?" Spencer asks as soon as my eyes flutter open. 

"Fine." I say the single word that holds millions of lies. 

"I hope so," he says. He looks worried. He's cute when he's worried. 

"Thanks for helping me again," adding the 'again' makes me sound so weak. I hate that. 

"What do you mean? You don't have to thank me Rae, we're friends and friends are supposed to help each other," he says with a convincing gleam to his eyes. 

"I can do things myself," I stubbornly reply. "I don't mean to sound upset, I'm not. Well not with you anyway. I just can't believe I let then do this to me again." I said more to myself than him. 

"You didn't let them. There were four of them and one of you, it wasn't fair." He said, taking my side once again.  I shift my weight to sit up on the couch, bad idea. The movement sends a sharp pain surging through my body. He must notice when I flinch because he immediately stands up to try to be of assistance. Once I'm upright, Spencer goes to get a new ice pack for my ribs.  When he returns he has his arms full of movies, blankets, and my ice pack. 

"I brought you some movies to pass time," he says with a sweet smile. All of my favorite Disney classics along with some cheesy comedies and sappy romances. He brought my favorite blue blanket from my room and the bear he got me for my 7th birthday. It hard to imagine that was ten years ago. It feels like just yesterday..

"Rae?.." Oops, I guess I spaced out. 

"Yea? Sorry.." I apologized. 

"It's okay, what do you want to watch first?" He asks. 

"I thought you had work?" I question, really hoping that I am wrong. 

"I did but I called in and got off," he informed me. I let out a sigh of relief, knowing that if Spencer had left I'd be alone for hours. He and I decided to start with Finding Nemo. After he sticks the movie in, he joins me on the sofa and gives me tissues. Yes, I cry while watching Disney movies.  

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