Chapter 5

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"Bella! Bella!" Stiles screamed through the phone.

"Stiles I'm trying to not explode a street here so what is it?" I ask him as I sit on the curb calming my magic.

"Scott went after Derek, Derek Hales the werewolf. Bella you have to help him out with your witchy stuff." Stiles says through the phone.

"Ok I'm on it calm down." I say before hanging up the phone. I stand up and look around. "Well at least my speeds heightened on the full moons." I say to myself before I take off for Scot using a locator spell.

I reach the middle of the woods and continue to chase after Scotts' glow, he begins to slow down and he comes to a stop and I pick up my pace to catch up with him. I see a flash of light appear and I jeer myself to a stop. I look to my left to see men with guns and bows staring straight at my brothers place. Farther off to the right I see Derek hiding in the bushes. The men on the left must be hunters. Witches have had a rocky relationship with hunters because they often exploit our abilities for their advantages. I notice them aiming their guns at my brother and I decide to move into action. I lunge forward so that I'm in the middle of the hunters and my brother. I move quickly and I kneel down and slam my fists into the ground as I simultaneously let out a breath. I hear the sound waves around me shake as a large mass of pressure moves and shoves the hunters across the clearing. I take the chance to grab Scott and I turn and begin running. I hear Derek join up with us and he begins to run along side us. I run as fast as possible until I feel we are far enough from the hunters.

"Bella what the hell was that?" Scott asks as he rests himself up against a tree.

"I'll explain later." I say to him as I catch my breath.

"Well who were they?" Scott asks.

"Hunters, sort have been hunting us for centuries." Derek speaks up from next to me.

"Us?" Scott questions, "You mean you, you did this to me." Scott yells.

"Is it really so bad Scott, that you can see better, hear more clearly, move faster than any human could hope. You've been given something that most people would kill for. The bite is a gift." Derek says.

"I don't want it." Scott grumbles.

"You will, and you're going to need me if you want to learn how to control it. So you and me Scott, we're brothers now." Derek says as he leans forward and places his hand on Scotts shoulder. I place my hand in front of his chest to stop him from moving any closer to my little brother. Derek glances up at me then hesitantly lets go of Scotts shoulder. He then turns and walks away into the shadows.

"Ok Scott remember stay calm cool and collected." I say to my brother as he steps out of my car. He gives me a nod before turning and waving bye as he walks up the path to his school. I drove off and began making my way to the woods for my jog. My shift at the café doesn't start for another two hours and I might as well get in a little work out and while I'm at it maybe accidently pass by the Hale house.

I reach the middle of the woods and I jog back to the scene of events last night. I come to a stop and walk over to the tree where Scott had been shot and I had to pull him out. I brushed my fingers against the bark and dried blood and I thought it over. The first bloodshed of many. I begin to take off in the direction of the Hale house again. It isn't that far from where the incident happened last night which make me think about Derek's involvement a little more.

I come up on the clearing and figure Derek already knows I'm here. That is if he's home. I jog up the steps and walk into Derek's house to find well...I find Derek, shirtless laying on the ground doing some intense sit ups. I watch as his muscles flex under his strain and I gaze at the glow of his sweat which sounds disgusting but looks utterly hot. Derek stops mid sit up and turns to look at me with a quirked eyebrow.

"Do you need something?" Derek asks slyly. Cheeky bastard. I scratch the back of my head in discomfort. I feel utterly exposed in my sports bra and black leggings, and my red tinted brown hair is pulled up into a high pony tail to expose my long neck. Then you just have Derek shirtless on the ground looking like a blimey god. Derek pushes himself to his feet in one swift movement and slowly makes his way over to me.

"Um well, you know just about the whole you being a werewolf thing and my brother being a werewolf thing-"

"And the you being a witch thing." Derek says as he hovers over me with a smirk that I can't help but find really sexy.

"Uh no, what?" I ask in confusion.

"I know about witches, my mother used to house a coven." Derek said.

"Ah well, yes that's nice." I say still a bit flustered from his shirtless being.

"What coven are you from?" Derek asked.

"I'm not sure, I never really thought of that I guess." I say to Derek.

"Your technique is much like the Cavanar coven." Derek says and I furrow my brows. "Or the main coven based in England." Derek clarifies.

"Oh yeah I trained with them for two years." I say as I realize who he's talking about.

"I've always wanted to fight a witch." Derek chuckles slightly.

"Is that a challenge Hale?" I ask him confidently.

"I mean-" Too late, I cut off his words by spinning around and round house kicking him in the chest sending him staggering back. Derek lets out another chuckle before twisting his neck around and bawling his fists. He charge swiftly but not swift enough and I pucker my lips and let out a pushing breath sending him flying into the wall across the room. I walk over to his place plastered against the wall and I stop in front of his chest. He breathes heavily and I glance up at him, he's taller then me that's for sure.

"Well I guess that's what is expected." Derek says and I shrug as if I didn't have to lift a finger, because well I didn't. I drop the hold on Derek and he falls to his feet in front of me. He lands close to me, so close I can almost feel his muscles as they tense. I look up into Derek's chocolate brown eyes and I search them hungrily for emotion. Derek's eyes give off a tint of warmth and softness which totally goes against his bad boy persona.

"You know I actually have to get to work." I say to Derek as I scurry back away from him.

"You shouldn't make a habit of coming here Anabella." I shiver at the way he says my name.

"And why is that Hale?" I ask him.

"Dangerous things happen here." Derek says vaguely.

"I'm a dangerous girl." I say as I back up slowly, Derek chuckles at my answer, "Besides you know you love my visits." I say before turning and walking out the house.

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