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Pen Your Pride

Shugo Chara--Amu prank call

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Twila:So it's Amu this time.

Me: Do you think Ikuto is with her?

Mitski: (Sigh) Here we go again.

Me: What? Ikuto is Awesome!

Twila: You and your otaku crushes.

Me It's not a crush! O////O

Mitski: Just don't let Jesse know about it.

Me Stop it!

Dials the number etc.

Amu: Hello?

Me: Uh, hello this is Hinamori Amu, correct?

Amu: Yes. Why?

Me: Congragulations! You just won the world wide gardian of the year award! You get a years supplies of pokki, and candy! all you have to do is answer the following questions

Amu: Really, that's so cool! I mean, what ever.

Ran: Amu you actaully won something!

Su: How nice! desu.

Miki: What are the questions?

Me: Okay, lets begin. Why is it that you always have that x hair clip? Was it a gift from Ikuto.

Amu: What O-O

Me: Whyy is it that you have like, 4 crushes? I mean, c'mon, you have to choose one eventaully.

Miki: True, Amu is a girl of many loves.

Amu: Well-Well, I--

Me: C'mon Amu, answer the question!

Ran: Character change!

Amu: There all so cute, how could i not fall in love with all of them! Chairmen is so smart ans sweet, and Kukai's so energetic and upbeat and happy and Tadese is such a price, like from a fairy tale, oh and Ikuto- (Covers her mouth before she can go on)

Me: Aw so you really are a ho.

Amu: Ran! I can't beleive you made me say all that!

Ran: Sorry!

Amu: Luckily i was able to over ride you before i said something too stupid. If i said anything about Ikuto--

Ikuto: You probably would have lost control, and screamed in the phone you loved me. Though, it really hurt, what you said about all those other guys...

Amu: Ik-Ikuto? O////O

Me: IKUTO! O////O

Amu: Wh-where did you come from.

Ikuto: I was taking a nap in your closet, when your lovestruck yelling woke me, pervy girl.

Amu: I don't sleep in other poeples closets! And I'm not a Perv!

Inuto: (Grabs Amu's hand and hugs her) You know it really hurt me what you said about those guys. Isn't my love enough? *Sparkle sparkle*

Me: Awwww T^T So freaking cute!

Twila: she's going into melt down!

Mitski: Quick, slap her before she runs over there and hugs them both!


Me: OW! What was that for?!

Twila: Get a grip. Don't et your otaku instincts take over.

Me (sigh) fine.

Ikuto: And who is this?

Me: Some one you do not knw?

Ikuto: BlueRose?

Me: Aw crap.

Amu: What! No she's to nice she wouldn't just prank call me--

(I hang up before anything stupid can be said)

Me: Fhew. That was close.

Mitski: Wow, your such a wacko.

Me: Oh stop talking. I'm not the one with tons of pictures of Kyoyam tapped all over the walls of her bedroom, you perv.

Mitski: Oh shut up! O////O

Twila: *Sigh* you guys are so weird.

Mitski and Me: We know! *-~

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