Chapter 4

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I followed the glowing trail that my magic had created for myself. The tall thick trees and the filled in bushes began to become more sparse as I came upon a clearing. In the center of the clearing is a charred blackened house that has been stripped away of it's homely essence. This must be the Hale house. It must have been terrible for the family. I look around the house and I notice the glowing path trailing inside the broken doorway. I let out a loud sigh and begin to walk up to the house. I take a step up the tattered stair case and I wince as a loud creek sounds throughout the silent clearing, even the birds perched on the trees decided to take off. What if this is where the killer is hiding out? What if they try and kill me? I push past my nagging thoughts and walk further into the house. I get a strong scent of dust and flames and I grimace as I look around at the broken area.

"I though I told you to leave." I hear a deep voice say and his voice melts into my ear. My eyes dart up to the top of the staircase to see Derek hovering over with a scowl. I notice as the glowing path to my gun hovers beside him and I furrow my eyebrows in confusion.

"I dropped my gun here last night." I say to him.

"Why would I have something to do with that?" Derek asks, I can't help but feel a connection to him and the animal I saw last night but I can't explain it or understand it.

"Because you have something to do with what happened last night." I say to him confidently. Derek chuckles lightly somehow still keeping his scowl.

"And how do you suppose that?" Derek asks me.

"I don't know yet, but I know you're connected to that animal that attacked my brother and I." I answer.

"You're a bit bold there, coming to a random stranger and accusing him of things." Derek tries to threaten but I can see it's half hearted.

"You're not a random stranger, your name is Derek Hale." I say to him taking a testing step forward.

"And you are?"

"The girl that wants her gun back." I say to him sternly. Derek gives me a devilish smirk before jumping off the top step and gliding down to the space in front of me. I stay stern and still only letting my eyes flutter in surprise. Derek quirks an eyebrow at me and I mock his action.

"Let's make a trade." Derek suggests and I lift my arms to cross them over my chest. "A name for your gun." Derek says to me as he mocks my movement by crossing his arms also. I smirk in amusement.

"Anabella." I say to him and he nods slowly.

"That's a beautiful name." Derek starts.

"Yeah yeah, now where's my gun?" I ask Derek glancing into his eyes. Big mistake Bella. My knees shake a little as my body melts into his eyes and I snap my head away and compose my self. Derek seems to notice my frantic movement and chuckles softly again. He drops his hands and reaches into his back pocket. He then pulls out my small black hand gun and thrusts it out to me. I reach my hand out and I let him place the gun in my palm. Derek doesn't take his eyes off me as he pulls his hand back and I keep my eyes peeled to the floor as I push my gun into my back pocket.

"I guess I'll see you around Derek Hale." I say to him before giving him one last glance before turning and walking out the house.

"Can I get a vente Frappuccino?" The customer asked me. He seemed like a regular dude, he had dirty blonde hair and he wore a nice fancy suit.

"Sure sir can I get a name?" I ask him after I punch in his order into the system.

"James." The man said after taking out his wallet.

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