Iwaizumi Hajime ~ Feelings

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Story time with Bridgeh! *clears throat* so me and grenda2911 (hey gurl) were in Spanish watching this Spanish movie with this chick and this dude who didn't bang, but slept together and I suddenly came up with this idea. Yeah, watch Spanish movies for inspiration on fanfiction.


Never had Iwaizumi ever felt feelings of love so strong towards one person before. Especially not after sleeping with them.

He had to admit, he was drunk and had little to no control over what he was doing at the time, but when he had sobered up the next morning and actually took some time to think about it, he realised: he was in love with Y/N.

He had no regrets with doing it with Y/N - after all, they were both hormonal teenagers with needs - because she was genuinely a great girl. She was kind, caring, funny, hella cute, and wasn't afraid to be herself. Iwaizumi was just mad at himself for taking so long to realise that he loved her, even after having sex with her!

She was everything he had ever wanted in a girlfriend, and as if being best friends wasn't enough already. After that night, Iwaizumi actually felt lucky that he had the privilege to be her best friend, and didn't want to blow his chances with a crush.

But, damn, it was so much more than a crush.


"Iwa-chan, what are you smiling about?" Oikawa asked, leaning forward in the seat behind Iwaizumi as he watched Y/N play volleyball.

Of course he was smiling about her. As if everything he had mentioned in the list before wasn't enough to explain why he was in love with her, he could now add volleyball to the list!

When Iwaizumi didn't reply, just sighed wistfully as he watched Y/N spike a point straight past her opponents, Oikawa grinned smugly.

"You like Y/N-chan, don't you Iwa-chan?" He asked mockingly and Iwaizumi scoffed.

"Ha! I'm surprised you didn't confess your undying love to her before you had sex," Oikawa teased, leaning back in his seat.

"It's not that easy, Shittykawa," Iwaizumi replied, not taking his eyes off of Y/N as she called for the ball. "But then again, I wouldn't expect you to understand what being in love feels like considering you've never actually felt it."

Oikawa tutted, pressing a hand to his heart in mock pain. "So rude, Iwa-chan."


Of course the girl's Aoba Johsai team won, and by the end of it, Iwaizumi was one hundred percent sure that Y/N was an angel.

He spotted her coming out of the girl's changing room with wet hair on the way out, symbolising that she had just taken a shower, and decided that if he didn't tell her then, when there was nobody around, then he never would.


Hearing her name, the girl turned around and immediately smiled when she saw Iwaizumi jogging up to her. Another thing he loved about her was that she didn't take everything personally or hold grudges. After "that night", she hadn't brought up the topic or acted awkward in any way towards Iwaizumi. In fact, she acted like the night hadn't even happened, all bright smiled and happy words. And he was relieved that she was so calm about it, otherwise he would've crawled into a hole and died there just to escape the awkwardness.

"Hey, Hajime!" She greeted, a sweet smile on her face. "You need anything?"

Iwaizumi had been mentally psyching himself up for this for weeks now, and he wasn't going to let the chance slip away.

"Actually, yes," he replied, breathing out.

"What is it?" Y/N asked, the smile on her face never wavering. God, how he loved that smile.

"I think I'm in love with you, and not just in that cheesy way. I actually, genuinely think I'm in love with you. Wait, no, scratch that. I know I'm in love with you, and I want you to be in love with me too. I know that night didn't mean anything, but once I came to my senses, I realised that you're perfect, and everything I've ever wanted in a girlfriend. And when I see you talking to Oikawa, I get jealous because, quite frankly, he's an asshole, and I just want to be the only boy pay attention to. I know, I know, that sounds selfish, but it's true. I'm madly in love with you, Y/N, and I-"

Y/N cut off Iwaizumi's never-ending rant when she pressed her lips to his softly. Of course Iwaizumi kissed her back, but when they pulled away, he was left utterly confused and shocked.

"If you're asking me to be your girlfriend, then yes. I will," she smiled sweetly before kissing him again.


It only took me one hour to write this whereas it took me like one fucking month to write "Firsts". Wtf.

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