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I sighed, letting the rain drench my clothes.
It was a warm rain, so it felt nice. The little splashes of the drops eased me into a melancholy sort of trance. I closed my eyes and let it wash over me.

"Hey, Jason. What- what are you doing?" Percy asked as he walked towards me with an umbrella.

I shrugged. "The rain just feels nice."

He looked up at the sky and closed his umbrella. Letting himself get drenched as well. We stood, looking weird as hell, outside of Percy's house in the pouring rain.

Sometimes we needed moments of silence like this. The rain and the warmth soaking through us with nothing but his presence. Because just him being by my side made me feel okay.

But sometimes the silence hurt, when there's nothing but the dull quiet to remind us of everything.

"Hey." I said, turning to him, my hair dripping into my face.


I cupped my hands and let the water fill it up and splashed it in his face.

He laughed and cupped his hands too. "Fuck you!"

He chased me around his backyard with a bucket of water. I laughed as he caught up with me, but fell over. We rolled on the grass and laughed.

"We are disgusting." I said, between laughs.

"You're disgusting. I'm fabulous." He said, sitting on top of me. He kissed me, rain drenched, sweet as the summer breeze. I wrapped my arms around his waist, pulling him closer to me.

"We should go inside- your mom's gonna kill us." I said, breathless.

"Hey, it's raining, right?"

"Well, yeah."

"We have to dance. Come on. Dancing in the rain?"

I smiled. "Okay. But we don't have any music."

"Dude. The rain is music. Your voice is music. Come on."

So we stood up, covered in blades of grass and a little mud, drenched in rain, looking like idiots. I held on to him and we danced. A slow one first, but then we went a little wild. Doing cartwheels and seeing who could dab better.

And when we went inside, Sally freaked out, made us go shower, and gave us warm hot chocolate. And I had to admit, even though it was a summer shower, being drenched in rain made you a little chilly.

The pattering rain and his warmth made me feel at home. His hair was a mess, and I snuggled my face right in it. It smelled like the ocean and the rain. I smiled,

I do miss what I left behind, but this made up for it. He was worth everything. And I used to regret everything ever happening, but it was worth it. And I wouldn't trade it for anything. Smiling with contempt and a little bit of bitter regret, I fell asleep, listening to the raindrops.

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