Soul Tie

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Why did I?

I should of thought

Should have waited,

Should have been patient,

Should have found some other way to love,

Should have saved that precious gift from above.

Should have held on just a little bit more,

Should have kept my special gate closed,

I should have been bold, should have said 'No'

That was not the only way to love,

I made this mistake.

My heart is now entwined,

My heart is forever with him, his heart is forever mine.

Was it really love or was it just a desire?

Is this the beginning of forever or nothing whatsoever?

We're trapped together,

Forever and Ever.

Leaving you will be hard,

Our lives will forever be scarred.

What happened between us there's no going back ,

No retracing our tracks.

Go back to that day,

I remember those very words

"Our love is so strong, forever we belong"

A cord between our hearts

Impossible to break

No power in this world can terminate

Even when we try to pull away

The cord won't let us go far away

Pulled right back to that very place,

My heart's forever with him, and his heart is forever mine

That one night created a connection of a lifetime

A Soul Tie


Yeah, this poem contains a lot of mature content. Something new, it's not something I've experienced. But friends and families etc. Hope you enjoyed!

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