Mom has completely stolen Annie's attention. From the moment she stepped through the door, Mom has been chatting about books and about the plans for the next one. I cannot help feeling a little jealous. Who can blame me? Annie is finally looking passed everything and wants to start something. I am sitting in the living room, in front of the couch, playing old racing video games with Jacks and Gil. Sabrina and Karissa are with Mom and Annie in the kitchen. Dad took the twins out for ice cream and to play at the park.

"Does Jacks' know?" Gil asks as his car passes in front of mine in the game.

"Do I know what?" Jacks' retorts; his car is holding first place, but not for long. "I may have been the one to insist he does it in the first place. I am guessing the action worked. She couldn't take her eyes off you earlier."

"She's in the other room," I warn them, claiming first place as we come to the final lap. "She doesn't know or think I told anyone. Besides, we are taking it gradually . . . Coach gave me the 'go ahead' flag the other day."

"Coach Taylor gave you the 'go ahead' flag? He must really like you with Annie."

I sigh, trying to focus on keeping my spot when Annie enters and decides to sit right between my legs. She pulls my arms in front of her and leans her back against my chest. I glance at my brother and Gil, but have a hard time fighting a grin. They pretend not to notice for Annie's benefit, but I think she does not care. She relaxes, sighing as I let my chin rest in her shoulder. A moment later, someone knocks and Mom comes out of the kitchen to answer it.

"Please tell me you are who I think you are."

"Mom?" Annie says, pushing away from me to look towards the door. "What are you doing here?"

"Hey sweetie," her mother says with a gentle smile. "I am here because . . ." she turns to my mom with a wide smile. "I helped this lovely lady admit she needed to come back to her boyfriend . . . now husband, when she was pregnant with her daughter. Please tell me you remember, Emily."

My mom screams and pulls Annie's mom into the biggest hug I have ever seen, not including the hugs she gives Dad when he surprises her. I press 'Pause' on the video game and nudge Annie so we can stand.

"Ang," Mom says, I can tell she is crying now. "It has been too long! Where have you been hiding, Mrs. Taylor?"

"Just sitting at home," Annie's mom replies, laughing; she is also crying. "Taking care of my kids . . . whom are all grown up now, with the exception of Annie over there, because my daughter is married with kids and my son is . . . MIA, like always."

I glance at Gil; he just shrugs and shakes his head. He has no idea what is going on. Annie goes over to the mothers, crossing her arms as if expecting an explanation, as they break their hug. I drop my game controller onto the couch and go to stand next to her.

"Jake better get back here soon," Mom says, laughing as she dabs her eyes. "He is going to be so glad you came."

"Blake is coming too," Annie's mom laughs, nodding her head. "When I told him where I was going, he cleared his schedule to get here."

"Blake," Gil says with realization as he jumps up and comes to join us. "You're Angela, Blake's sister . . . I vaguely remember someone named Angela who would pick me up from piano class . . ."

"Gilbert the Great?" she asks in astonishment. "Look at you, all grown up! Still hanging around with Jake I see. Annie, why didn't you tell me you were hanging out with their son?"

"I didn't realize you knew the Dominguez's," she replies, shrugging.

"Oh, that's right. Last name was changed," Mom explains, hooking her arm with Annie's, mother's elbow and pulling her towards the kitchen. "My daughter, Sabrina, is right in here."

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