Annie is asleep in my bed wrapped in my arms. She has stopped vomiting and the pain she had in her chest is gone. I think Annie will be better in the morning, since it is now early in the evening. I'm afraid to let her go. I want her to stay the night again. I don't think she should leave until she is better. Jacks and Karissa have been in and out, checking in and making sure we ate something. Annie barely touched the food, but I think that is because her stomach is still getting over vomiting. I stare at Annie's hair, silent as I think about my talk-slash-confession to Karissa earlier. I care about Annie, a lot. I gave up too easily before Karissa and Jacks got together, so I am definitely not going to let it happen a second time. Annie starts to move and roll over in my arms. She starts to face me, but I can see that she is still asleep. I sigh and kiss her forehead softly, closing my eyes.

I guess I must have fallen asleep, because when I open my eyes again, it's dark outside the window, as well as in my room. I can still feel Annie in my arms. Her breathing is steady, so she must still be asleep. I lift my hand, gently feeling her hair to find out where her face is. Her face is leaning against my chest. I sigh pull her closer, careful not to squash her. I bring out my phone and turn on the flashlight, pointing it away from Annie so she doesn't wake up. I just want to see her face. I smile softly; even when she is sleeping, she is beautiful. I have been noticing myself mentally saying how beautiful she is. I tap off the flashlight and settle into the pillow, keeping a protective arm around Annie's waist. The bed is warm and cozy with her next to me. I sigh deeply as sleep comes to take me again.


"I really need a shower," Annie says, the next morning as we sit up in bed. "And a change of clothes . . . I just don't feel like walking right now."

"You can stay until you're up for it," I say, kissing her cheek before pushing myself out of bed. "If you really want to take a shower, I have an extra towel and I could get Charlie to ask Mandy for some of your clothes."

"Yeah?" she asks with a groggy-voice.

"Yeah," I smile, nodding as I go to the closet.

I pull out my clean towel and place it on the bed next to Annie. She stares at it for a moment, running her finger over the seam.

"Thanks for yesterday," she whispers, looking up to meet my gaze. "You know, for letting me crash here the night before . . . for the company and for . . . everything."

"I'd gladly do it again," I reply, nodding. "Next time you don't want to be alone, or you just want to puke your guts out, call me."

Annie fights back a smile and kicks off the blankets. I grin and turn back into my closet, sorting through the jeans I have hanging there. I pull out a pair of dark jeans and smell them. They smell clean, but I know I will need to do laundry when I go home this weekend. I lay the jeans over my shoulder and go to the dresser drawers for a shirt. I check to make sure Annie is not looking before pulling out a pair of briefs.

"I'm gonna see if Charlie is here, okay?" I say, grabbing my other towel before heading to the lounge doorway. "Is there anything specific I should tell him to as Mandy for?"

I turn to look at Annie and notice her hesitant expression.

"Girl products?" I ask suggestively. "I made store runs for my sister while she was pregnant, so I am not at all worried about getting you that, if you need them."

"Okay," she says, nodding. "Because I do need them . . . I am just worried about your sheets."

"Don't worry about them. I'll get them changed and washed."

Annie's expression softens as she nods again. I enter the lounge and go over to Charlie's bedroom door. I knock loudly, knowing he probably has earphones on. The doorknob turns, but it is not Charlie that answers the door.

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