How about how I feel?

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Annie is still in my dorm when lunch comes around. After missing breakfast, my stomach is complaining, but I don't want to leave Annie's side. I could ask Charlie to bring me something, or my brother. Since Annie and I have the same phone, I am charging hers with my wire. I have it on vibrate, so Annie can rest and not be disturbed. She keeps getting messages from her roommate, whom is Mandy, as Charlie said, and a few are from people who study with her. Her parents have not called, which makes me wonder if they are worried about her.

At a quarter after twelve, Annie's phone buzzes longer than the usual length for a text message. I pick it up from where I sit on the edge of the bed, and stare at her father's caller ID photo.

"Hello," I answer it, not wanting him to freak out if the call were to go straight to voicemail.

"Who is this?" he asks his voice is almost like a growl.

"It's Eric Dominguez," I reply, wincing as I wait for an outburst.

"Eric? What are you doing with my daughter's phone?"

"If you let me, I can explain. She has been sick all morning and I have been taking care of her. She didn't want me to call anyone . . ."

Coach does not say anything for a moment. I look down at Annie's sleeping expression and sigh. I run my finger along her forehead, tucking a stray curl behind her ear.

"Eric," Coach says with a sigh. "I appreciate you looking out for my daughter. If she didn't want you to call me or her mother, than I will not come and get her yet. At least she is with someone I know and . . . I trust you will not take advantage of the situation. I know you are not that kind of kid. Call me when she is better and I will come pick her up."

"Alright," I whisper when I see Annie's eyes flutter. "She's starting to wake up. I'll keep you posted."

"Thank you, Eric."

I end the call and set the phone aside. Annie's eyes open completely, but she squints to adjust to the light.

"Hey," I whisper, rubbing her shoulder gently. "How're you feeling?"

"I've never been drunk, but I guess this is what a hangover would feel like," she replies with a faint smile.

I chuckle, "I see your spunk is coming back. You had me worrying for a moment there . . . Do you feel like you can eat? I was going to ask Charlie to bring me something."

In response, I hear Annie's stomach grumble and she grimaces with embarrassment. I smile and pull out my phone to text Charlie. I hope that he will respond quickly.

"You didn't go to class?" Annie asks, trying to sit up.

"Slowly," I say, helping her. "I told you I wasn't. No, I had Jacks' bring in an excuse for me. We can make up for the class another day."

My phone dings and I check the screen.

Charlie: I'm nowhere near campus right now, and I probably won't be back until late.

Me: Okay, I'll ask my brother or Carter. Thanks man.

I sigh and pull up my conversation with Jacks.

Me: Bro, I don't know if you are busy, but I'm starving and don't want to leave a sick girl alone. Would you bring me two orders of my usual?

"Charlie was such a wimp this morning," I say, chuckling as I look at Annie. "One whiff of that vomit and he was turning blue."

Annie cracks a smile. "Thanks for last night," she says, clearing her throat. "I know I said some things . . . But I really needed the company and I didn't want to be alone."

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