Beach Party

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“So tell me again why you have to leave,” Brian said.

We had been walking along the Beach now for twenty minutes. The others were taking advantage of the warm weather and swimming. I knew he wanted an answer but I just needed to think what to say. I couldn’t tell him I was moving in with my mate Derek, he was a human.

“It’s kind of complicated, but I will be training for a great job opportunity,” I settled on that as an answer technically it was part true, since I would be learning how to run a pack as Alpha Female..

“Izzy we have been best friends for years and that bull shit just isn’t going to fly with me. Is something going on with you and Derek? I heard you were leaving with him. He’s too old for you and a teacher for Pete’s sake.” His voice was growing louder

“He is not technically a Teacher, just because he taught us some self-defense for a while, and he is actually only a few years older than me. Look you know I barely have any classes to take anyway and I will be back for Graduation it’s not like I’m leaving forever.”

“Why not finish school here? There’s not much time left anyway,” He asked.

“I have to start the training now, I will be visiting a few times a month, I promise. Besides you will be so busy with girls you won’t even notice I’m gone.” I laughed trying to lighten the mood.

“Do you really think that? I may not be boyfriend material but I thought I was a good friend, one that would notice if their best friend wasn’t there every day.” He stopped in front of me, and I knew I offended him, though it wasn’t my intentions at all. “I don’t know how the others think this is such a great idea, but I don’t.”

“That’s not what I meant at all. You have been a great friend, and I happen to think you are boyfriend material, you just haven’t found the right one yet,” I said.

“Is that why you are keeping secrets from me?” He asked.

“What secret Brian? It’s no secret that Derek and I are together and…”

“No Izzy, not that,” He said.

“Then what do you mean?” I asked.

“Izzy, I know that you can shift into a wolf.” His words took my breath away. How could he know that?

I opened my mouth to deny it but no words came out. I was speechless.

“I’ve known for a while now. At first I tried to deny what I saw, but as time went on I knew it was true.” He said.

“How?” I asked finally finding my voice.

“There were many things throughout the years. Like when you’re really upset your eyes turn black. Most people may not notice it because your eyes are so dark anyway, but I did. Then there was the time you took off running into the woods one day, and I went after you. Right before my eyes you changed into a wolf. I thought I had imagined it, so I began to look up things online you know, and found some stuff on there about it. All your family parties, they all make sense now,” he said.

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