Chapter 1

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Reader POV
I was finding a way to open the nether portal. After about 3 hours, Sasha called me and I ran to her and Gene. Vylad still locked up in his so called jail. Stupid guy. I went to Sasha.

"Alright Y/N... We captured a guy. Unfortunately, we didn't catch a girl and a guy. They went back to the over world and broke the nether portal. But at least we got another fellow." Gene put the guy on the chair. I helped him put the tubes in. Perfect.

"This dork is going to become one?" I asked Gene.

"I guess. He should be great. I heard that he's a great guard so he should be a great shadow knight." I nodded. I guess this dork is going to join us... My transforming took 2 days. I don't know how much this guy is going to take. Depends on his love. If he has someone he loved, then he will have more days or weeks to transform. Gene and Sasha told me I had a little brother and my parents left me so I didn't really care. Gene found how much time it will take this orange-haired guy.

"Will he has people he cares for. His transforming will take about 2 weeks." Sasha and I looked at the dork.

"Hmm. We three took less then 2 weeks. Sasha's took about 6 days and Gene's was 1 week. This guy is going to be a pain. I already can tell." Ugh. Stupid dork. He's looks ugly. Sasha must of knocked him out cold. She did a pretty good job.

"I'm going to find a way for Vylad to speak. Keep on eye on this dork. Never know what will happen." They nodded and I left them. I went to Vylad who didn't even met eye contact. Sasha already tortured him 3 times so I'm going to torture him more than 5. This will be fun. He had scratches before. But they were healed. Everything was.

"Genius." I said serious. He ignored me. I hate this stupid shadow knight.

"Look. We can do this the easy was or the hard way. You can even get yourself out of this world if you help us." I was aiming for Lord Aphmau they called but something inside me told me I shouldn't. I felt... Kind?! Nope. I'm killing Aphmau as my target. But should I? Ugh! Why do I have a heart?!

"My answer is always no. I'm not going to show you a way out of the nether." He glared at me and I smiled.

"Suit yourself. More fun for me genius." He was tied up in chains. Hands and legs. I unlocked the chains and still had the chain to his hands. I had my red blood sword in case he tried to do anything stupid. And for a genius himself, I don't think he will. I went to where Gene and Sasha were with the orange hair dork. They both smiled at Vylad. They are going to enjoy this very much and I will too. I sat Vylad down on a cold hard chair. He flinch a little.

"Sit down genius." I instructed. He followed. I chain his hands behind the chair and legs to the chair. He couldn't move. Hmm.

"Which one should I choose?" I thought to myself. I finally came up with three and ran to go get them. I came back and putted them down. Sasha laughed at the excitement and Gene smiled evil at Vylad. I got a knife, a potion, and a squeaker. If I throw the potion at him, then his body will sting for 2 minutes. If I press the button on the squeaker, his ear will be hurting for as long as I hold it. Sasha did it for about 3 minutes.

I tortured him for a while and he was in pain. Screaming and moaning. Heheh. Gene and Sasha were enjoying the show. I finished and putted him back to his jail cell. Just before I could leave him, he stopped me.

"Y/N." Vylad asked me.

"What is it Genius?" I asked annoyed.

"Remember your little brother?" My little brother? No actually. I just knew I had a little brother tho.

"Will I just know I have one."

"Will, when the nether portal was open, I left him to Aphmau. Your target if the nether portal is out. Don't kill her if she's with your little brother." Aphmau? Is that why I don't want to kill her?

"Pfft. I can do whatever I want genius. Now, I gave you a steak and milk. Eat up." I left him and went back to Gene and Sasha. Grr. Don't listen to him. When I walked in, Gene and Sasha enjoyed it.

"You look annoyed Y/N." Gene stated.

"Shut up. I'm fine. Anyways, we should find more ways to activate the nether portal." Just as I was about to leave. Sasha grabbed my arm.

"What?" I asked annoyed of her now.

"Tell us Y/N. Did Vylad say anything?" Sasha asked worried?! New expression.

"Will I don't believe what he saids but, he left my little brother with my next target, Aphmau. I'm guessing he's just tricking me since she's the Lord of Phoenix Drop right?" I looked down.

"AHH! Stupid Genius..." My face was red as my armor was.

"Hmm. We don't know that but we will have to wait. When the nether portal is open, you just go Y/N. Don't worry about us. We will do something." Gene was calmed. What the heck?

"Whatever Gene. I'll leave you two behind? Is that what you mean?" Gene nodded along with Sasha.

"Alright will suit yourself. I'm going to find a way to open the nether portal." I walked to the obsidian portal. You can't light it in the nether but there is a way... My brother? What's his name? Who's my parents? Aphmau...

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