The water immediately fills my nostrils as I put my head under the water. It was peaceful hearing the sound of the water.

I smiled, knowing how easy it was to die. I could just keep my head under water for a few more minutes and poof...

I'm gone from this lonely world.

Ever since my breakdown yesterday, Aiden's been really protective of me, not leaving my side as he is afraid I would and I quote ; 'do something to myself'. Thus meaning 'Kill myself'.

He knew I was right, that I had no family left here anymore. He knew that I had every right to leave his pack, yet his determined personality doesn't allow me to leave.

I start to cough and it wasn't until now that I realize my heads still underwater.

I heard loud banging a from the door and a males voice screaming something. Once my head is up I listen to what Aiden is saying.

"Emma! Open the door!" He screams on the other side of the room.

The bathroom door seemed as if it was about to break so I decided to interfere as I was still naked in a bathtub.

"I'm fine." I choke, my voice strained as I almost drowned.

"I thought something happened." He says in a relieved tone, still behind the door thankfully. "Promise me that nothing will."

"Aiden, I can't promise you that. Especially if it's a promise I can't keep. Trust me when I say that I'll try my best to cooperate with what I have. Just give me time." I explain as I hear him mutter a quiet 'yes'.

My stomach is churning as I feel Movida inside me, wanting to be let out. She is always explaining the consequences of what happens if I hold back for too long.

I either let out to much power and feel and excruciating amount of pain or, she might take control over me. That's not even the scary part.

She does it without even meaning to do it.

I shiver as the cold air hits my body because of my actions as I stood up.

Lifting one leg up and placing it over the tub and onto the floor, I repeat the actions with my other legs.

I walk towards the mirror as I wrap the towel around myself.





That's exactly what I look like. I didn't know that loosing my brother would make me feel this empty. That his death would stab a permanent hole in my already aching heart.

Quickly looking away from my disturbing reflection, I start getting ready for training as I hadn't gotten pretty much any in the past few days.

Walking out of the bathroom, my shoulders are slumped, not straight and confident like they used to be.

I have to admit it, I'm disappointed in myself, the way I have dis-honored my parents, not completing their legacy but instead, becoming the broken girl I am today.

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