Mali and Cm Punk

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Mali POV ;

I was walking back to the locker rooms after my match ready to shower, when I heard someone yell my name . I turned around and there stood a sweaty Cm Punk shirtless , in basketball shorts . Man did he look hot . Phil was my crush . Everyone knew but him .

"Hey Phil what's up ? I asked .

"Just wondering if you wanted to .. You know . Hang out on my tour bus for a little bit ?" He asked with a smile .

"Yeah I'd like to . Just uh let me shower ." I said blushing .

"Okay . See you in a bit ." He said and kissed my cheek . I melted inside . I walked into the locker room and took a 10 minute shower . I looked in my duffle bag and took out my toothbrush and brushed my teeth . I dried off and put on sweats and a tank top with some chuck Taylor's . I let my hair flow down. I grabbed my stuff and left out of the arena to Phil's tour bus . I was nervous at first . Wait why am I bringing my stuff ?" I thought to myself . I quickly ran back inside the arena and put my stuff back and grabbed a piece of gum . I walked back to Phil's tour bus and I knocked.

"Come in ." I heard him say . I walked in and he was shirtless . His hair wet , and in different colored basketball shorts .

"H-hey Punk ." I said . He came to me and gave me a hug . I was shocked at first but then hugged back . He pulled away .

"So I was thinking we could uh , have some pizza and watch scary movies ?" He said .

"Yeah sure that's fine ." I said. He grabbed wrist and led me to the back . It's was a bedroom with Pizza sitting on the table .

"Make yourself comfortable ." He said . I sat against the headboard as we cracked a few jokes , ate , and watched the scary movie . I felt something heavy on my shoulder . I looked over and saw Phi
Resting his head on my shoulder . What was he doing ? Well , I kind of like it . A scary part came up in the movie and I got scared and screamed . I felt arms wrap around me . It was Phil . We stared at each other and we both slowly started to lean in . I've waited for this moment since forever . He pulled back so that we wouldn't kiss . He looked at me like he saw a ghost .

"What's wrong ?" I asked .

"I - I can't . ." He said . I choked .

"I- I should g-go." I said quickly grabbing my shoes and phone running out of Phil's tour bus . He yelled my name but I got off the bus and ran back into the arena . I never knew that Phil would blow me off like that .

I put my shoes back on as soon as I got back to my Locker room . I began gathering the rest of my stuff and got ready to leave . I felt someone walk in . My back was turned so I didn't know who it was . I picked up my stuff and turned around and froze . It was Punk .

"Why'd you run ?" He asked

"Why'd you chase after me ? You didn't need to ." I snapped trying to leave . He closed the door and locked it .

"I'm sorry okay ? Did I hurt your feelings by not kissing you ? You wanted to?" He asked

"Phil Im not going to answer ." I said .

"And why not ?" He yelled .

"Because you don't feel the same !" I yelled back . A tear came down my eye . I quickly wiped it .

"Please just go Punk . If you don't like me how I like you then I'm over it . " I said .

"I'm not going anywhere ." He said folding his arms .

"Well then I am ." I said grabbing my bag ready to leave with Nattie who was waiting for me with the rental car . I tried to walk past Punk but he knocked my stuff out of my hand and wrapped his arms around my waist .

"You're not leaving either ." He whispered softly . I looked up at him and he leaned in and kissed me . Finally . I melted in his arms . I began kissing back .

"I'm sorry . I just thought It would be awkward after the kiss and we wouldn't talk anymore. Will you be my girlfriend ?"Punk confessed .

"It's okay . And no it wouldn't . Yes I'll be your girlfriend" I assured him . He smiled and picked me up and kissed me . I got down and texted Nattie that she could go without me .

"Come on tour bus buddy ." He said grabbing my huge suitcase , I grabbed my duffle bag and we walked back to his tour bus . We got on and I dropped my stuff in his room . I got under the blankets with Phil and we started making out again . He pulled away and cuddled up to me from behind .

"Goodnight love ." He whispered .

"Goodnight Punk." I whispered back .

He kissed my forehead , and we fell asleep .


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