Part 27 - The Love That Drove Him Away

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As we sat side by side in the dining hall I laughed at the food she was getting on her face as she downed three eggs and two pancakes along with two sausages. How the hell do you get food on your face like that? It was hilarious. Never mind she looked adorable some how. Even with lace across her chest that actually was tempting me the whole morning.

But it was easier than I thought to restrain myself. It was like...I actually liked talking to her as much as I liked talking to May...more. I liked this girl. I liked her humor and if we became friends before anything happened between us...I'd be fine with that.

"Are you going to finish?" She asked, blinking her lashes at me absentmindedly, pancake on her lower lip. I shook my head and pushed my plate away from me.

"No, I'm done. What about you? Well, I'm pretty sure you devoured that food." I said and her skin flushed. I leaned over suddenly, causing her to go straight and lift a hand, placing it on my chest. Somehow, just that left my heart racing a little and having a little adrenaline rushing through me. 

"You have some food on your face." I said, and then leaned away, feeling my own face burn from how embarrassing that was. Why the hell do I do stuff like that? I looked away, and bit down on my lip.

"Do you regret that?" She asked, and I turned towards her.


"Nothing." She said mysteriously looking away from me, and crossing her legs.


We headed down to the ballroom silently. Her, leaning against the elevator, looking a bit out of it and me watching her be out of it.

"If you want you can just go upstairs and rest." She shook her head and stood up straight stubbornly.

"No, I'm fine. I missed it last time so not today. Today, I'll be rooting for you."

I smiled a little, and turned towards the front of the elevator sliding my hands into my front pockets.

"What, you weren't before?" I asked, glancing at her.

"Of course not." She muttered, a little smile on her own pink lips. "I don't like you." And for some reason that stung a bit even if she was just kidding. I felt my mouth open in protest just as the elevator halted to a stop and the doors slid open. She walked right past me without a word, and in three seconds came face to face with Kadri.

I felt my mood plunge as I saw the way he was looking at her. As if I didn't even exist. As if, it was just her and him. As if he wanted to devour this girl as much as I did.

I didn't like that.

I moved immediately to step up besides her, but it didn't seem like she needed me. She regarded him for a moment, clenched her jaw, stared straight ahead and walked past him. I watched as Kadri started to turn, but I reached out and grabbed his arm.

"What are you going to do? Win back a Minor? She was never even yours in the first place."

"So what?" He asked and I felt my own jaw clench as we stood there. My hand latched harder onto his arm. My will to not let go unwavering and his will to go after Lila strong.

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