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 I had a friend, long ago. No, that's not right. He was the closest person to me I have ever had involved in my life. One day when we were spending time together, they took him from me.
I still do not know who 'they' are, but I hate them. With my entire being.

  "I made a flower crown!" He announced with satisfaction within his sapphire gaze. Red roses were the majority of it, thorns scattered about around him, previously chopped off of the green stems. His blond hair crossed paths at the middle of his face. "Why did you feel the need to make one, Mika?" I asked curiously. "Because they're pretty, and I need to put my newfound gift to use." He sternly said. Once he had set his mind to something, there was no swaying it. Candles lit the area surrounding us, for the electricity in my house had gone out an hour before. probably a broken wire. He was seated upon the wooden floor, myself on the couch with a book. With the new crown placed on top of his head, he left the room, returning with a new bundle of roses, in the same color. He set to work, mumbling the directions to himself, tongue poking slightly out of the corner of his mouth, brows pinched together in concentration. He had gotten all that was needed to make said crown from the rose bush in my front yard.

Mika pounced up from his position of laying on his stomach, bouncing next to me. "Yuu, face me." He ordered. I obeyed, due to his stubbornness of things such as this. You just had to follow every ridiculous command. I felt something being gently set upon my head, which I didn't question. He held up a compact mirror, showing me the identical flower crown he had made and put on me. My green eyes stared back at the reflection, black hair tickling my cheek slightly as I shifted. "Now we match!" He grinned, eyes crinkling slightly.

He stood, sliding around the floor, doing a leap over the candles without setting his socks aflame. "Do you know when my mom'll be back?" I asked, scooting back in the couch until my back touched the cousin. "Nope! You hungry?" He asked, pausing at the closed door. He had his head slightly tilted in a curious and questioning manner, hand lifted towards the doorknob. "Kinda. What do we even have to eat?" I began, pushing myself up. "No idea, but we can look." He said, turning the knob. With the door cracked, his shoulders tensed. "Did you hear that?" Mika asked. I shook my head. Thinking back on it, this day was like a horrible horror movie. Yet it still ceased to not haunt me.Although my answer soon changed when I heard a loud thud from down the stairs. His eyes widened in shock, picking one of the candles from the saucer it was set in, opening the door. I foolishly allowed him to go, even following suit closely.

There were cloaked people at the bottom of the stairs. One, actually. "Just get the kid. Should be easy." He said aloud, noisily enough for us to hear as he rolled his shoulders back. His head shot up upon noticing the candle flame. Mika panicked, blowing it out quickly as he pulled me into the shadows. "Okay, I already saw you, so why did you blow it out?" He cooed. We heard the third step creak as he climbed it. Mika shielded himself In front of me almost instinctively. "Stay quiet." He whispered, fingertips shaking. I nodded, too frozen in fear to say anything. He reached the top step soon after. Mika's brows furrowed with a plan forming. I didn't like it, having quickly guessed what he was going to be doing. "Mika, no-" I began, tugging on his sleeve. He gently took my hand, placing it over my own chest, clasping the other hand over it. The determined look in his eyes told me that I could not stop him. Even if I had tried, he wouldn't listen.

He wanted to sacrifice himself for me.

It was forever a part of him, to lay his life on the line for me. I think it hurt him to see me struggling.

At the time I wished I could have made him stay. But I let him slip through my fingers like water. He turned his back on me, diving at the cloaked figure, who fell to the ground. How did a child manage to knock over a teenager, you ask? Well, I can't even answer that. Mika always amazed me with what he could pull off.
"Oh- shit-" The man said, hood falling off, his seemingly silver hair piled around him, even despite being held in a low ponytail. Crimson eyes stared up at Mika, before he grinned. "Stupid." He said in a teasing manner, arms wrapping around the small child on top of him, about to beat him with tiny fists. He began to stand, lifting Mika over his shoulder. I began emerging from the shadows at that instance. The flower crown was now upon the floor. "No!" Mika cried, thrashing about. He managed one hand out, reaching towards me. "Yuu!" I tried going after him, but I was frozen in place, a captive of fear upon my thoughts.

"Quiet now, someone'll hear you." The man said, holding a cloth over his mouth. I watched his arms fall limp from pounding against his back, head falling with them as his eyes fluttered shut. Rose petals fell, the nearly barren crown landing quietly against the wooden floor. He stepped through the door he had knocked down. I stared down at the roses until they faded to nothing, reality pulling me from my trance.

 I forced them down harshly- along with the bile rising in my throat- trying to think of other matters apart from the bad memory.

 Why was I trying to forget about that?

 About Mika?

 Oh, right.

"It isn't healthy to dwell on the past", as my old Therapist would say.

 That was bullshit, quite frankly.

 My hand was pressed against the frame of the cracked door, sweat beading on the back of my neck. I felt sick. The door clicked shut, a dainty hand the one who closed it for me. That room was never open when I was around. Someone must have left it open last night.

 "Yuuichiro, do you want something to eat?" My mom asked, placing a cold hand on my neck, beneath the hair that covered it. I shook my head, the memory that had returned to me ruining any type of appetite. Or need to communicate.

 We were children then, nine at the youngest.

But now, I was by myself, and nineteen.

 I still had friends, of course. It was impossible not to regain a mutual friendship in such a long amount of time. Butut a thought for certain still floated within, that we weren't as close as I was with Mika. Despite the many years that had passed.
I knew, for a fact, that I missed him. A lot.

But, as much as I had wanted to save him many years ago, I couldn't.

Now he's gone, and it's all my fault.

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