CHAPTER 38 The Reset

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"You caused more heartache than you healed."


My Uncle Jeff didn't care that my Parent's bedroom was the living room. He didn't care how much money we had or didn't have. He came into our home and it was like another normal day for him. We all sat on the bed around Mom, holding hands in prayer, as my Uncle lead us in a prayer.

"Dear Lord, we ask that you bless..."

It hurt my heart to hear the words, so deep in belief and bathed in love. There was nowhere for the pain to go, this feeling of being cared for. It was almost alien to us, given our current circumstances. Pushed off our property, left treading water for years in financial ruin. Now dealing with the blow of Mom's health taking a nose dive. It didn't seem like we'd even achieved our "come through". We were having the shit kicked out of us some more.

Where does one go with all that weight?

My Uncle Jeff, had only love to offer. It was like a good whiskey, too strong to drink straight. One had to sip it slowly. But it would burn all the way down. And you'd be a beggar at the door, asking for more, the minute your glass was empty

We made another juice and my Uncle stood watching while talking to my Dad. It was cool that he got to see his gift in action. Since they had been the ones who had bought us the juicer and mixer, and his son had been the one to turn us onto juicing through Dr. Gerson.

Mom had enough of her juice and didn't want to drink anymore. She was given maybe 16 oz roughly. We knew she needed all the nutrients we could shove in her little body.

"You gotta do the reset Dad," I said.

"The what?" Dad asked.

"The reset. Wait a few minutes and then give her the juice again," I said.

He looked at me with disbelief. But he didn't have any other ideas. So he waited a few minutes. Sometimes we'd have to go through negations with Mom to drink her juice. I called it the "reset" button. I only happened upon it strictly by chance.

Dad then presented the juice to Mom again.

"Here sweetheart. Here's your juice," he said.

She started drinking it down again. I looked at him with the infamous "I told you so" smile. Score!

After juice Mom took a nap, while Dad, Uncle talked outside. I sat with them and turned the video on my phone camera on. I might need their funny stories for later!



Pills and Juice

Days Juicing: 40

Mom is not taking any medications, only nutritional supplements (tested for her using Applied Kinesiology).

Me, Uncle, Dad - unknown day

Days Juicing: 40

Had a great visit with my Uncle! And my Dad laughed a lot, which was fantastic! :)

Uncle says goodbye to my Mom

Days Juicing: 40

It was great having him up to visit. We did a big prayer for Mom, and a lot of talking about where we are, what our needs are, and where we want to go from here.

He didn't care that we live in a shanty shack, that we've been scrapping by. He passed no judgement on us. He and my Aunt have been phenomenal with their support over these past months.

I can't tell you how refreshing and uplifting it is to have people who love and support you, regardless of your situation.


Dr. Nestor's Assistant called to say to reduce Mom's potassium pills to M W F. Mom started feeling dizzy and her eyes started having little spasms. So we took her off the iron and potassium both.

Dad went up his therapy and get an urology exam at the V.A. medical facility. He's been having problems peeing. The Dr said Dad looks fantastic for his age. Dad told him about the juice regimen, the Dr. thought we were doing Jamba juice. The Dr. was like "Wow" when Dad started explaining whats in our juices. The Dr. wants to track Dad's progress and is very interested in seeing Dad's bloodwork.

Mom was like a meanie in the morning, all poking me. I told her "don't poke me, unless you want to be poked back". She drank about half her juice. Then she took a nap and when she woke up, she was all fine and happy. WTF. Mom is walking better. She doesn't need assistance. I took her to the bathroom, which is harder to do, because I'm not that much heavier than she is, but when we came back, I put my arms under hers, didn't carry her, and she walked great.

Juice Day 40

6 leaves kale

3 apples

6 carrots

4 leaves red lettuce

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