Doctor Finklestein Requires To See You

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It was nearly Halloween, and everyone was making a big fuss about everything. I stared down at the many different creatures rushing around, hanging up decorations while the mayor was shouting out instructions to them. I looked gloomily out my window, and sighed. Another year of the same thing, and I've grown tired of it.

There is an empty place in my bones, that calls out for something unknown. I am tired of my crown, and tired of Halloween. It's the same routine every year, and I know it off-by-heart now. There was a loud knock at my door, and I sadly walked to my door where the mayor was bound to be. I roughly opened my door, revealing a very eager looking mayor.

"Hey Jack, we need you down here!" He exclaimed, still wearing his 'happy' face. I simply nodded and made my way to where all the town was looking at me, dying to hear my speech. I walked up onto the small stage, and tapped the microphone to see if it was working.

"Hello everyone. You know what to do, the same routine as every year. Make it spooky." I simply said, looking at their excited faces. I loud applause roared throughout the town, and all of their grins beaming up at me. I turned around and went to walk away, but the mayor caught my arm.

"Where do you think you're going?" He asked me.

"Home...?" I told him like it was the most obvious thing in the world.

"Oh no you're not, you have so much to do!" He clapped his hands in excitement, and began pulling me somewhere. I saw the vampires lounging about drinking what could only be blood, and the village werewolf was chasing after Cyclops. The witches, Helgamine and Zeldaborne, flew up to me on their broomsticks.

"Doctor Finklestein requires to see you." They said at the same time, and slowly backed away from me.

"I'll be right there." I told them, and slowly made my way to his laboratory. I wonder what he needs. I slowly walked into the laboratory, and immediately saw the doctor poking his finger into what looked like a fresh brain.

"Ah, Jack! I've been expecting you." He told me, turning his wheelchair around to properly face me.

"What is it that you need doctor?" I asked him, slowly walking closer to him.

"Well, there will be a few more dead joining us soon, and I was hoping you could greet them." He explained before turning around and continuing with his work.

"More?" I asked, confused. There was already enough dead people here in Halloween Town, "who's coming down?"

"Two new witches, and a mortal" He told me, while picking up the brain and sniffing it.

"I suppose that's not too bad, only three. You mean, a zombie kind of mortal?" I asked, interested about the new comers.

"I guess so. She doesn't look rotten though."

"You've seen them?" I asked, my mouth agape. Not many people get to see the new monsters before I did.

"Well, she seems to be a bit difficult." He simply told me.

"What do you mean?" I asked, crouching down to get more to his level.

"She isn't accepting her death." He told me, before wheeling off into a different room.