the beach

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"What?! Are you serious!" Cassie yelled as we were sitting on the hallway at the lunch time.

"Shhh! Goodness, you are so loud!" I said.

"I can't believe that we are going to the beach and that if from the school because of you fience. And not to mention, we are going to be out for couple of days and you and him will be together there. What are you planning? Are you planning to do anything naughty?" She asked.

"What the heck? Why do you have to bring that up? We are not doing anything like that. Plus, we will be with our school group," I said.

"So, what are you buying for the beach?" She asked. "Oh, let me guess. A totally sexy bikini, is it?"

"No, of course not! I am that curvy for a bikini! Plus, bikini's are too much."

"What do you mean? You have to wear bikini! Why do you think Mr. Onice planned the trip to the beach. He planned the trip to beach so that he can see you in sexy dresses! Dude!" She said.

"Yeah, whatever."

"Oh, come on, Alexa! You have to get some bikini. Don't you want to impress Mr. Onice?"

That's got my attention. Of course, I want Ryan to be impressed with me. "So, we are going to buy bikini? And that too to impress him?"

"Yeah, so, lets go to the mall after school to shop for bikini. What say?"

"Sure," I said.

After school, in the mall . . .

"Are you kidding me?! That bikini looks so cute and you are telling me that it is not your type?" Cassie yelled.

"It's exposes too much skin!" I said but she somehow pushed me to buy that bikini. And not only a she made me buy that bikini. She also made me buy summer beach dress and other bikinies. This girl!I can't believe she is my friend but hey, I am only wearing bikini for my future husband so it's okay.

I came home, finding Ryan sitting on his room, working on the laptop.

"Hey," I said as I entered in him and saw that everythigh was a mess. "What happened?"

"I was working and couldn't find a file so I had to search and everything got messed up . . ." He muttered.

May be, I should help him a bit. I saw him working so serious on his laptop. I started to organise his room. After I finished organized his room, I sat beside him and saw that there were a lot of files. "You need any help?" I asked.

"Um . . , no, it's okay. I will do our it by myself. You should take some rest," he said as he was still working.

"But, I want to help. Tell me what do you need me to do and I will do it," I said. He looked at me in oncern. "I am okay, Ryan. Come on! Tell me what do you need help with, " I said.

He slowly told me what does he needed help with and I started to do those work.

After couple of hours . . .

"Finally, we are done doing all those boring works," he said as he stretched his arms.

"Boring? I thought you like business," I said.

"Well . . . I do like them but I like you more."

I slapped his arms playfully. "Such a sweet talker."

He laughed a bit and then said, "but you seamed to be pretty good at business. Thanks for the helping. My secretary resigned from his job because they are moving to some other country for better livings. So I had to finish all these work by myself until I get a proper secratary," he said.

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