Chapter 2

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Stiles, Scott and I stepped out of Stiles blue jeep and closed the doors behind  us.  I had never seen Stiles' jeep before this but my first impression is that it's run down and really needs an upgrade. 

"Are we really going to do this guys?"  Scott asks us worriedly. 

"You're the one always bitching that nothing good happens in this town."  Stiles answers. 

"Because nothing good ever happens, that's why I left."  I say to them. 

"No Bella you left because your standards are too high.  And Scott stop freaking out, your sister literally brought a gun, I think we have the upper hand hear."  Stiles says. 

"But we don't know what the murder weapon was it's not like someone just splits a woman in half with a kitchen knife."  Scott exclaims with thought. 

"Well you live and you learn."  Stiles answers. 

"That's not even remotely helpful."  Scott whines. 

"Just get a move on."  Stiles says to the both of us and we begin scurrying into the cold, grimy forest.  We begin walking at a good pace but I can tell all this walking is going to make Scott have an asthma attack. 

"You know I was really trying to get in some good sleep before practice tomorrow."  Scott says as he trails next to me. 

"Right because sitting on the bench requires so much effort."  Stiles says sarcastically. 

"Oh Stiles you didn't hear, Scotty is going to make first line."  I tease my little brother.  I can feel his glare through my back and I grin at his annoyance with me.  It's my job as an older sister to annoy my brother but also protect him.

"Well at least he's getting into the spirit, everyone should have a dream even a pathetically unrealistic one."  Stiles says from his place in front of us.  Scott scoffs in defiance and I quirk my eyebrow mindlessly. 

"Just you know out of curiosity, which half of the body are we looking for?"  Scott asks.

"Huh, that never really crossed my mind."  Stiles says honestly. 

"Well it's comforting to know you planned this out with your vision for detail."  Scott says sarcastically. 

"Well we still have the gun."  Stiles says. 

"My gun.  We still have my gun, which you two buggers are not getting your hands on."  I say to them. 

"Bella why the hell do you have a British accent?"  Scott asks.  They really just now noticed? 

"I lived in England for two years, the words and accent started to grow on me."  I answer my brother who hums in understanding.  Stiles begins to disappear a bit as we climb up a small hill.  I crawl after him only to be pulled down into the dirt.  I curse at Stiles then take a glance up at the large cluster of yellow flashing lights.  I turn my head back to Scott and yank him down as well.  Stiles turns off his flash light quickly then looks around at the situation.  He then scrambles to his feet and begins sprinting trying to move away from the cops end position.  I follow after him and begin running as softly as possible trying to make my footsteps light enough so that the crunch of fallen leaves don't attract too much attention. 

"Bella, Stiles wait up."  My asthmatic brother calls out to us, I glance back to see him running after us and I sigh in relief that I didn't leave him behind.  I begin to fall back a little so that my brother doesn't get lost and he gives me a thankful nod as we fall into step together.  I hear a loud growl and bark of a police dog and I see a flash of light.  I latch onto Scotts red hoodie and I yank him back behind a tree.  I overhear a voice that sounds a lot like officer Stilinski talking with Stiles who must have gotten caught.  I focus my energy on protecting my brother and I.  I concentrate on masking our scent into something unrecognizable so that the police dogs wont sniff us out.  I continue to concentrate on this until Scott taps me on the shoulder.  I glance up at him and he looks  down at me worriedly. 

"They're leaving Bella we should get going."  Scott whispers and I nod in agreement letting the masked scent drop as we step away from the tree we took refuge behind.  Scott and I begin walking in the direction we believe to be outwards of the forest.  I feel Scott tense up at the slightest noise then relax again, he does this a few times and I place a comforting hand on his shoulder to calm his  nerves.  We stop for a moment and I look around at our surroundings, we seem to be no where near the exit and no where near the main of the town.  A location spell would be really helpful right about now, but Scotty's with me and I can't reveal my secret to him.  The covens I've visited have said that including humans into our world will bring about chaos and terror for them.

  Scott snaps me out of my thoughts by latching onto my wrist  and shaking my arm.  I glance up at him and he points to something deep in the plants.  I follow his finger to see what he is looking at.  At first I don't notice anything, but then I begin to see some rustling in the bushes.  I move my hand to my waist where my gun hugs onto my side and I wrap my hand around it's cold material to prepare myself for something.  In a sudden and  fast movement multiple figures begin to jump out at Scott and I.  One of the animals brushed into my shoulder making me stumble onto my back.  Scott falls to his back also and curls himself into a ball.  I think quickly to make sure we don't get trampled by the stampede  of what I assume to be deer because those are the most common in Beacon Hills.  I place  my hands up in front of me and I let a protective shield border Scott and I for safety.  I notice as the deer's begin to jump or run over my shield and I push against them to keep it from breaking. The stampede disperses as fast as it entered and I quickly drop the shield before Scott notices.  I let out a sigh of relief before standing myself up to my feet.  I turn back and stretch out a hand for Scot to take.  His face is mixed with surprise, shock and fear and his emotions can be read with more ease once he clasps onto my firm hand with his shaking one.  I pull him up to his feet with all the strength that I have and I take a deep breath as he lets go of my hand and dusts off his pants with the backs of his palms. 

"Shit, I think I dropped my inhaler."  Scott exclaims as he takes out his phone and begins searching with the phone light to the ground. 

"Scott we can find it tomorrow when its less dark and much less creepy."  I say to him. 

"Let me just look a little."  Scott says as he hunches over and continues to search.  I stand with my arms crossed waiting for him to give up when I hear him scream in terror.  My eyes dart up to Scott and I get a glimpse of his terrified expression before I see him disappear down a hill.  I sprint  after him making sure to take  a glimpse of what he saw and regretting it afterwards.  Scott had screamed at the sight of a pale upper half of a woman that would make anyone squeamish.  I focus my attention back on my brother and I run down the hill after him.  I pause as I hear a low frightening growl and I search the forest for its owner.  My hair flies into my face as a large brown animal rushes past me and moves to attack my brother.  I pull out my gun instinctively and try my best to fire off a shot, but the animal keeps moving Scott around and I don't want to shoot him accidently.  I watch in horror as the animal ravenously sinks it's teeth into my brothers side then lets him go.  My brother scurries off yelling for help and I take the chance to fire off at the animal.  I pull the trigger, once, twice, and the animals cranes its back in discomfort.  Not pain or death, but simply discomfort.  This can't just be a normal animal.  It's large dark figure turns to face me and I get  better look at it.  It has a strong human like muscular build, but it is yet still built like an animal, built like a wolf.  It has piercing dark red eyes that would daze you into thinking you were watching your own blood spill out of you.  I fire off a few more rounds which only seems to piss it off.  I drop the gun and begin to resort to the offensive techniques that the England coven had taught me.  I move into a strong stance then I quickly spread my arms and push them back out to my center in a swift circular motion.  I simultaneously blow out hot air and I watch as the animal's body flails into a tree behind it.  I then focus my attention on the weight of the animal and I ball my hand into a fist and take a quick kneel before punching the ground.  I look up to see the animal trapped in a hole created by my magic.  I scramble to my feet and I quickly dust off my pants.  I look over in the direction Scott had scurried off and instead of seeing nothing I see him standing there with his mouth agape.  Shit Anabella, you really have to be more discrete.

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